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Travel how be economical

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Although travel is good, but beautiful money is much. because such, when facing travel, often must consider to bear ability. Actually, in travel, want careful calculation and strict budgeting only, OK also and managing charge.
Use time difference to come managing -- if do not want to spend too much money, want to had travelled again, so, should be good at using time difference to come above all managing. It is managing and OK to use time to differ have 3 methods: One of, escape busy season or on the weekend. Generally speaking, in off-season travel not only the car is good sit, and because tourist is little, a few guesthouse have privilege on accommodation, can hit fold. Secondly, plan good go on a journey and returned time, adopt buy a ticket ahead of schedule, or the means that buys return ticket at the same time, a few airline book airline ticket to be able to enjoy favourable regulation ahead of schedule to pull a guest to already was made nowadays, and book period longer, enjoy privilege bigger. In the meantime, also have the favourable policy that buys round-trip ticket. Not only such, booking ticket of the train, car to go up to also have privilege. Thirdly, when travel, plan the place of good play and need time meticulously, discharge date as far as possible full, because stay one day more in travel area the charge of much day, and fare is not low.
Choose hotel to save cost opportunely -- ― goes out outside journey, the hotel stand or fall that live will affect travel quality, also affect the defray of charge. How can just live well so, live cheaply again? First selection is place those conditions are better enterprise or business the hostel of the unit and agency, but these places are general be confined to welcomes the person that concerns with this unit.
When choosing hotel, want the hotel that avoids as far as possible, a few more optional traffic is more convenient, be in the hotel of not quite flourishing district. Because these hotel are on price,want petty gain than the hotel on the side of railway station, station much.
Be apt to plays to also can reduce expenditure -- go out travel, playing is a the mainest purpose, but rise of the price ceaselessly as a result of entrance ticket of area of a few scene, meet in the expenditure above this very big. Accordingly, in play be economical is necessary greatly. So, how Where is be economical? The scene area that answers travel above all has schematic knowledge, manage from which where is the tourist attraction that gives this scene area to have distinguishing feature most, the place that must want to go is in which place again. Go out travel is to play, accordingly, the place that has distinguishing feature must go, but a few repeat built landscape to need not go. When travelling next, should take out a bit time, go rambling ave, see the local customs of scene area and city, because so gad does not need to spend money to buy entrance ticket. But play so, can play a good humor however, because it can grow knowledge, OK also edify disposition.
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