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Tibetan bank public figure reminds: Bank card is used in Tibet need " 3 attentio

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Hide railroad be open to traffic as blueness, tibetan travel heat warms up continuously, also drove upsurge is consumed in Tibet, with the bank card paid all sorts of spending activities to become the first selection of a lot of tourists. Nevertheless, because the environment of Tibet that use card is not quite mature, tibetan bank public figure reminds, the tourist needs when Tibet uses a bank to get stuck " 3 attentions " .

It is 4 have only in state-owned commercial bank greatly the Construction Bank, medium travel, Agriculture Bank sets subsidiary bank 3 times in Tibet, the has silver-colored couplet number card of other bank also can be used in Tibet, but the bank that the tourist had better choose to set subsidiary bank in Tibet gets stuck.

Recently, when individual client undertakes crossing going crossing saving trading in Tibet, experience ATM machine swallows the card, consumption that brush card failure, cannot take wait for awkwardness now. Wei of bell of vise general manager points out department of business of bank of individual of branch of construction bank Tibet, every brushstroke is crossed trade to have 10 link at least all right, want a course to accept travel, silver-colored couplet, telegraphic, hairpin to go 4 orgnaizations, occurrence accident hard to avoid. Current, the bank is improving service quality hard.

Zhong Wei says, trade unsuccessful reason goes out possibly still to be illogical in the network degauss of free, card, hairpin makes mistake all right wait for a respect. He warns customer, if encounter the situation that cannot trade, it is this bank blocks BIN to did not input a system likely, want to dial bank telephone only, can get be settlemented in time.

2 it is to brush calorie of consumption not to need to pay poundage, also do not have amount demarcate.

The guest that many shop bosses ask to brush calorie of consumption pays Lhasa more 2% to 5% differ " poundage " , put forward to cannot brush the limitation of card under 1000 yuan of expenditure even, bring many troubles to the tourist.

Zhong Wei warns customer, business door do sth without authorization makes these conduct, brush calorie of consumption and do not have amount demarcate, if be on POS machine,brush calorie of consumption only, bank won't the poundage of collection client, the client can reject to pay business door alleged " poundage " .

3 it is the business that can brush calorie of consumption shop amount is limited, in Tibet consumption had better take enough ready money beforehand.

Zhong Wei warns customer, the Tibet that makes an appointment with with bank autograph at present business door is not much, in Tibet consumption had better take enough ready money beforehand. With respect to the Construction Bank, the Tibet that with its the autograph makes an appointment with business door cut come to there are 166 only on May 31 this year, basically be large public house, guesthouse, supermarket, cafeteria, also have store of a few specialty, a lot of business spread Tibet even store of partial brand chain is to cannot brush calorie of consumption.
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