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Ice and snow travels 9 big notes

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1, prevent winter clothing thing together fully:

Northward winter air temperature comes in 0 ℃ in the main - 30 ℃ , some places can be amounted to - 30 ℃ above. Should have eider down garment (even the cap best) , pants of garment of Gao Linghou abb, abb, eider down pants, glove. If head for a gleam of of Qin Ling, the Yangtse River with north, must wear cotton-padded shoes of ground of tall canister snow, wear leather shoes to be able to freeze so that be overcome.

2, the attention prevents slippery:

Winter north road has ice and snow more, road surface is more slippery, wear leather shoes easy slip, had better wear snow ground to prevent slippery cotton-padded shoes or gym shoes, be sure to keep in mind to cannot wear leather shoes, act otherwise disadvantageous.

3, prevent to fall into snow hole:

In immense forest snow-field, original road is enclothed by snow mostly, when not be clear about road condition, cannot boldly before row, need to search truncal when bastinado ascertain depth square before row. If fall into snow hole unfortunately, ten million cannot struggle, because struggle more greatly more, should wait to come to help.

4, the car prevents slippery:

Northward snows of a lot of winter of local road surface are frozen, tire is easy skid, because this wants equipment tire tyre chain, encounter road surface to have ice and snow, need to be covered to the wheel on tyre chain.

5, car prevent frostbite:

Northward winter is mostly under 0 ℃ , the car is nightly when breath fire, should put the water in cistern incidentally dry, otherwise via one night frost, water will be frozen, perhaps should change water " not to freeze fluid " .

6, give camera heat preservation:

The camera of electronic shutter or camera, be in - when 20 ℃ are the following, " of discharge of batteries easy " , " of camera " malfunction, shutter cannot press. Accordingly, after outdoors films, should put watch for a chance in time into appearance inside " of " heat preservation, when using, take again. In addition, must have more some of batteries.

7, reserve medicines and chemical reagents:

Winter chill easy cold, go out travel should have antelope catchs a cold a medicines and chemical reagents that waits for cold of remedial catch a cold; Northward love has cold dish, unaccustomed person easy " is troubled by abdomen " , element of Huang Lian requiring equipment stop thirsty medicines and chemical reagents; Northward and dry mouth works,

8, prevent snow blindness:

Northward winter snows mostly firn, of snow glance bigger, go out need to wear sunglass, in order to protect an eye.

9, other:

Used equipment protects lipstick of frost of skin of thermos flask, embellish, embellish. Field and expeditionary tourist still needs to have the field activity such as sleeping bag of flashlight, eider down equips.
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