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Carry pet go on a journey to climb note

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At ordinary times you hope to be able to take your love dog and your go on a journey to climb very much certainly, one kind taking a dog to go out to play also is pair of dogs takes exercise, let him more contacts are natural, be being contacted with nature and stranger is a kind of extraordinary experience to the dog, what pet dog experiences is more, so his disposition also can have been jumped over, also meet cleverer, what ought to but take dog go on a tour,notice?

1, the variety that notes a dog: A lot of dogs attribute the kind that occupy the home, e.g. two my dogs, among them one is honoured guest dog, additionally one is Xi Shi dog, they react twice to what go out very different, honoured guest is to belong to gundog kind, so very much in hill case can fit, and physical strength is good, and Xi Shi is different, they belong to enjoy dog, itself is not the type that suits remote region to perhaps take hill route, he won't be taken to go absolutely when so I play. Say so, the dog that should take you goes out to play, must notice the breed type of his itself, the dog between different breed differs in constitutionally very big, if you must enjoy dog kind take far route, that must notice to rest, or from begin to be strengthened take exercise, cannot importune.

2, the attention trains a method: A lot of dogs are in encounter a few more difficult places, be in e.g. first time when the distance walks between further stone, perhaps need to pass through when the brook flows, the comparison that behaves is scared, at that time your ten million cannot use the means that beat and scold, and the dog that ought to encourage you as far as possible, let him overcome fear, oneself come, do not want be used to to wear him, let him himself understand what pass by oneself to his ability is OK, dog of a lot of moment can use master psychology very much, I take my honoured guest to pass the hanging ladder between a hill for many times previously, result once, a friend sees the look that discretion of his watch one's step fears, held him in the arms to go, on the road that coming back then, he makes the appearance that dare not pass again, look at my friend later, expect my friend can hold him in the arms to cross the bridge again. So all of us must notice to develop way, if he can be finished, must he himself comes, is not to indulge him.

3, get ready water and food: Very much outside time can drink the dog directly the spring in hill, need not worry too much, persuade you nevertheless or get ready to water amply to him as far as possible, the dog is in trudge when still need compensatory moisture quite, actually he does not eat a long time did not concern, but water must get ready, water can drink then with the hand directly, compare waste with the bowl, no-go also carry; Food for the experience with respect to me, the most convenient is the egg that boil, nutrition is enough, and the dog also likes to eat, press my home for the honoured guest of 20 jins of weight, on preparation 4 eggs are enough he a long time grain ration.
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