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Old people go on a journey should notice 5 content

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One, accompany and row. The personage inside course of study suggests, old people go on a journey is best accompany and row, often can be together about the senile friend in activity or unit is collective go on a journey, because each other are familiar, can take care of each other.

2, have a medical check-up. Before old people go on a journey, want to understand oneself body circumstance somewhat, wait for chronic illness patient like hypertensive, coronary heart disease, epilepsy had better not go on a journey, if think go on a journey cannot conceal medical history to travel agent; The senile chronic patient of go on a journey should take neat medicaments, tell the leader of a sports team and round friend beforehand, in case accident.

3, buy insurance. Dimension authority consciousness is very crucial, the travel agent with better public praise selects before go on a journey, there must be detailed knowledge to contract provision when signing up,

4, careful trap. Old people goes out to want the appears possibly shopping trap in particularly advertent journey all right, should take care when buying local speciality fake commodity and price are con. Once discover a problem, should seasonable mirror to travel agent, be in charge of a branch to complain to local travel.

5, understand weather. Must be opposite before old people go on a journey the weather situation of travel destination understands somewhat, if destination super-cooling or overheat, should not be a travel.

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