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Spring uprise note

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Equipment neat medicines and chemical reagents prevents midge to bite bug is bitten

Spring everythings on earth anabiosises, all sorts of plant diseases and insect pests also are caused randomly. Here insect pest mostly " energy is excess, exuberant " , especially mosquito, flea, bedbug, more everywhere provoke make trouble. Accordingly, insect pest of spring go on a journey cannot be not prevented, if be bitten by the insect carelessly, write down sincerely please never scratch catch, and should instantly inunction all sorts of drug, lest cause strip erythema and disease of skin of each seed coat.

Especially much serpent of Shan Ye forest, even if is spring also cannot carelessness. It is better that if can take on a few juries,anguine medicine is met. But without giving thought to how, see serpent must not run in disorder hastily, generally speaking the snake is not irritated won't atttack a person actively.

Spring cover autumn aspic prevents a cold

Thoroughly delighted of mood of face of spring breeze stroke, but ten million prevents extreme joy begets sorrow. Look be like " cool " spring breeze, hiding very likely kill machine, tourist goes out mountain-climbing amuse oneself asks ten million to remember " spring cover autumn aspic " law, do not wear jacket less for graph save trouble, notice is chill place feeling carelessly a little, cause serial disease likely.

Do not have an insatiable desire for play " have many affairs "

Spring day numerous Hua Shijin, but the pollen of many flowers and plants can produce certain stimulative effect to human body skin, cause allergic reaction. Accordingly, to beautiful flower weed, tourist ten million remembers " the wild flower of roadside is not collected " , avoid by all means is careless " have many affairs " offend to oneself will bother.

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