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What should the home notice to minority

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Arrived in Dai home be a guest, if come up against small bonze, must not because small bonze about is amused, stretch his hand his what feel bareheaded, can affect his cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine in that way. Avoid wears a shoe to enter Buddha temple of Dai nationality, avoid steps on abbe shadow.

The igneous pond edge in pulling home of blessing a group of things with common features cannot pour boiled water, the clansman that pull blessing worries about the soul that boiled water meets burn family person. The female takes the door cannot the front is entered, can sideways is next to door edge to enter.

Step a doorsill into foot of avoid of door of the Yi nationality, what igneous pond cannot sit after the guest takes the door is left, that is master seat. When conversation, avoid uses finger person, that is not courteous behavior.

Meat of dog of diet of the Yao nationality or water beef, avoid enters maiden female bedroom. The home has a lying-in woman, the child does not have full moon, alien cannot wear sandals to enter inside. If the female arrives base the be a guest in home of Nuo a group of things with common features, host asks you to eat an egg, cannot whole biting eat, must upend is cut two half hind eat, will give henceforth otherwise give birth to children alone people bring disaster.

If see mouth of door of the Bai nationality is hanging cypress branch, explain this has a patient in the home, stranger do not be disturbed.

Miao Zu home has a lying-in woman, often the doorway hangs straw hat, alien sees cannot enter inside. Enter carelessly inside person, the foot should be washed when going out, want to drink a bowl of cold water, meet otherwise the milk the puerpera " walk dry " . The road encounters newlywed, cannot from cross between both.

Alien reachs home of the Va nationality, cannot enter leaf, ginger and green thing area room in, cannot feel the divine kitchen of master home casually, avoid sends host chili, egg, avoid sends girl act the role ofing to taste.

Overcome the home of wooden person, avoid guest steps on lighting bavin with the foot. Woman not have dinner of guest of a guest invited to a dinner party to help entertain the guest of honor, junior does not accompany elder thirsty wine.

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