Provincial Tourism Bureau: Let the most beautiful place in Heilongjiang Shuang

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"Chinese Culture Promotion cum full source Shuangyashan City in Heilongjiang Province Hong Kong investment will be" held during the Shuangyashan Daily reporter interviewed the participants to come in Hong Kong's Tourism Bureau in Heilongjiang Province, such as thin-hi. Thin hi as pointed out, this by Heilongjiang provincial government agreed to hold the "Chinese Culture Promotion cum full source Shuangyashan City in Heilongjiang Province Hong Kong Investment Council", both Shuangyashan City, "Merchants hundred days in winter," the main event, but also provincial and provincial Government supports the development of Shuangyashan an important measure to achieve across more parts of Heilongjiang Province and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to further exchanges and cooperation in seeking a useful attempt, and will further promote the development of the two to achieve win-win situation. In recent years, Heilongjiang Province, by promoting "the eight economic zones" construction and implementation of the "Top Ten Project", presented a new situation of economic and social development, the formation of a catch-me around the city, striving to develop the new trend. Shuangyashan particular, through in-depth implementation of the "five areas of a city" development strategy, major projects on the Li Fumin, innovative development initiatives, the city's economy maintained rapid growth for 8 consecutive years, the province's comprehensive strength is among the forefront of the development momentum is gratifying . Such as thin-hi said, Heilongjiang Province, is rich in tourism resources, the forest, big snow, big world Jiang, big lakes, large wetlands, tremendous development potential and endless charm. Shuangyashan is known as the "pour Lou King City, wetlands of all, coal base, the North granary", can be described as extremely rich tourist resources, the "one city, one river and two islands" - the Sino-Russian border river Ussuri River, the famous The Treasure Island, a symbol of the Great Northern Wilderness Island and the magic geese nest Fenglin Wang ancient capital city, ecological resources, good, great tourism value. Currently, the Shuangyashan is to build the Great Northern Wilderness scenery tourism, tourism development is vast, and Hong Kong as an international metropolis, is not only a hot spot for investment, but also on the Mainland talents, an important platform for technical and financial resources. As far as I know, Hong Kong China Tourism Association will sign two Shuangyashan tourism project development strategic cooperation framework agreement, is bound to Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang rapid development of the tourism industry, large inject vigor and vitality. If thin hi hope this event a success, Shuangyashan in accordance with the provincial government's request, the unique tourism resources from the local conditions, make full use of their advantages of resources and unique programs to attract more financial support for Hong Kong and Macao, attract Hong Kong and Macao to more businessmen to invest in Shuangyashan, Shuangyashan boost tourism and economic and social development of better and faster. Such as thin-hi said, Provincial Tourism Bureau will continue to fully support the future Shuangyashan development of cooperation between Hong Kong and support the development of tourism Shuangyashan and wish to build the future of the Great Northern Wilderness Shuangyashan scenery through tourism and tourism product quality, speed up the development in Heilongjiang Province and the country's tourist destinations, so that more people understand Shuangyashan, recognizing Shuangyashan to Shuangyashan sightseeing, enjoy the charm and experience the surprises, the best place to see China in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang's most beautiful places in Shuangyashan.

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