Shanghai optimistic about winter tourism "Caribbean cruise"

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Frozen ground in winter, scorching sun does not want to think of Central America, to experience the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean trip? Beijing, Shanghai, recently launched by the Caribbean cruise line to begin popular winter travel market. Last month of 2010, China's outbound tourism city of Beijing, Shanghai, launched several travel agencies and the Eastern Caribbean Western Caribbean route, and look forward to the world's largest cruise ship for our cruise ship visitors a new holiday. It is learned that the world's largest luxury cruise ship "Ocean No. Modern Korea" in December officially launched commercial flight, began to provide visitors from all over the world dream holiday. The "greatest maritime city," said the "number of marine Modern Korea," a displacement of 22.5 tons, has 16 floors and 2700 guest cabin with a deck, can accommodate up to 6,296 tourists and 2,165 crew. Our visitors can turn from Beijing to Shanghai and other places to fly to Maiha secret, its home port in Fort Lauderdale to board the "number of marine Modern Korea", in eight days and seven nights of the Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean cruise routes, the way will go through Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica and other places. As the world's largest fleet the world's top cruise brands and giant animated film producer, Royal Caribbean International Cruises strategic alliance with DreamWorks to Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon Kung Fu Panda and the other familiar movie stars, please on a cruise for tourists from around the world to bring home colorful programs. Meanwhile, the "number of marine Modern Korea," the first time, Broadway classical musical "Chicago" onto the cruise ship. Royal Caribbean International travel agents and the latest data indicate that the current steady increase in the number of applicants, the date began to cross the New Year and Spring Festival. According to reports, "Ocean No. Modern Korea" into a number of technological innovations, Royal Avenue, free use of information kiosks, passengers can easily view real-time, print e-mail files, check in and print boarding pass.

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