County Bureau of Tourism create strong mandate full implementation

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Since the creation of provincial tourism economy County County held a mobilization meeting, the county construction bureau attaches great importance to immediately convene special meetings of Board committees created strong team working to implement, and effectively the full implementation of all tasks, effectively promoted. Decomposition of tasks, responsibility to the people. It is understood that the council work in the tourism creating strong, a total of eight tasks and six attractions with the renovation task. Currently, the Construction Bureau has been supporting the introduction of policies to support tourism development (document), along with city lighting project planning and real data, Changxing County electronic map, to provide urban sewage treatment rate is equal to or greater than 60% of the city drinking water is not less than 95% pass rate, urban sewage treatment rate of not less than 50% of the evidence, to provide tourism project planning, joint hearing, approval and other documents, meetings and related data, several features set the 12 street signs and shows signs of travel on the 24 urban transformation and improvement of traffic signage. "The final transformation of the city and public toilets are also entered the final stage of the work. Has now been set up signage, reconstruction toilet 15, the new toilet five. The Bureau of Construction is expected to create strong activity of about 6.3 million yuan investment, actual investment of 2.76 million has been yuan. "Long said Deputy Secretary quarter months. Innovation, strive for perfection. From the initial program development, refinement, feasibility analysis to determine the final program, the Construction Bureau and held several conferences, many on-site survey, listened carefully to the views and suggestions, give full play to the initiative, and strive to "from the overall starting miss any details. "strictly in accordance with the bidding process, the transformation of public toilet design, bidding, production and installation. In the actual implementation phase, the Construction Bureau and several times invited to create strong run to the scene to guide the team of staff guidance and inspectors. City Tourism Transport and features street identification signage program that is licensed after a number of research, design and improvement, from the program took the discussion to the last two months to complete. Training, targeted. For the targeted delivery of a good job, creating the Bureau of strong leading group held a special training in creating strong business, inviting the County Tourism Bureau, a strong office management and staff to participate in this meeting to introduce the strong record of job-related matters, interpretation of assessment rules, and to the implementation of the work of decomposition, and how to more efficiently and successfully completed the tasks carried out were discussed. Meanwhile, the council also do multi-communication, seeking with them to a variety of signs, street signs and other specific characteristics of text and translation to be accurate and beautiful.

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