Intersection of characteristics of the project located in Nanjing Xuanwu text

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Light industry, with a culture of passion for regional economic development to take off plug. Nanjing Cultural Industry Fair as an important part of that today, Xuzhuang cultural industry cultural industry bases and a number of projects focused on signing, marking the Xuanwu District of the culture industry into a new period of development.
Today, the project contract settled basalt, including Nanjing Cultural Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the Xuanwu district together to create a national cultural industry Xuzhuang base project, the units directly under the Ministry of Culture, China Publishing Group funded the establishment of audio and video recording time and space in the culture of Jiangsu Development Co., Ltd., owns the largest network of online parenting Silicon Coast Information Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, Nanjing Ding Xuan Building Decoration Art Design Co., Ltd., and plans to fight the first five-star luxury theaters in Nanjing's UME International Cinema program.
It is understood that the area in recent years attracted a happy Blue Ocean Theatre Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu People's Daily and other cultural sub-station level, excellent investment enterprises settled. At the same time promote the region to actively speed up the park, the cultural industry continue the upgrading carrier. Currently, under the Scenic Area is located in Zhongshan Park, site of the Nanjing Mafang ten enterprises have been introduced towards the cultural park 12 to complete most of the investment. Exhibition Park will build a set, cultural management, tourism development, carbon-free office, academic exchanges, interactive experience in one, with a rich cultural features and the industry's core competitiveness of the cultural industry base; at 302 Central Road, scientific and cultural creativity Central Park Relying on more than 40 original buildings of old industrial plant, ready to fight the connotation of the old industrial relics and urban organic combination of proprietary research and development and cultural and creative scientific and technological development of enterprises; Xuzhuang software industrial base in the core areas of cultural and creative Xuzhuang Software Industry Base Industrial Park, from "animation corridor" as the carrier's business office LOFT area and the cultural arts center as the carrier of the display, communication and entertainment areas, on the current condition of the park already has companies settled.
According to reports, in recent years, Xuanwu District in the area of cultural tourism as one of the three pillar industries focused on creating and fully tap the cultural resources, and actively guide the transformation of resources to the industry, the cultural industry developed rapidly. In 2009, the area up to 1782 the number of cultural enterprises, tax 362 million yuan, an increase of 11.6%, taxes of 100 million yuan 43 cultural enterprises, of which 500 million yuan tax Culture 13; new cultural enterprises 404, of which more than 500 million registered capital of 16 companies.

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