"China metropolis suitability index" released yesterday, ranked fourth in Nanjin

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Yesterday, reporters from Nanjing's "2010 China Leisure City Association" Society and the "Third China Cities Summit leisure" was informed that, in the just-released "Chinese metropolis suitability index", the Nanjing No. IV.

The index of China by the Beijing International Studies University Center for Economic Research released their leisure, from the social, economic, cultural and other aspects of a city attractive and comprehensive anti-"escape" the ability to measure. The Center for Renwei Xiang said that they based on 2009 data, with reference to the evaluation system for advanced studies, the results of Nanjing ranked fourth, the top three are Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

More than 10 representatives of the city vice mayor, and talk about casual topics in Nanjing -

"Let the leisure to improve urban quality"

"Regardless of whether the mayor as the enjoyment of the leisure industry who have become strong promoters of the leisure industry." Yesterday, in the city's "2010 China Leisure City Association" Society and the "Third China Leisure City Mayor Summit ", more than 10 cities, the vice mayor and city representatives on" leisure and improve the urban quality "as the theme, with domestic and foreign experts and scholars to a" wisdom of the collision. " Vice Mayor Chen Gang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Nanjing is planning to build "Central Park"

As the rotating presidency of this Association, Gang said in his speech, leisure is an important function of modern cities, but also to measure urban economic development, social harmony and the importance of comprehensive human development indicators. In recent years, creating a huge leisure and the economic system and industrial system, covering tourism, culture, entertainment, and sports a variety of economic structure, urban restructuring and development and for promoting a strong driving force of economic growth.

He said that the recent Xuanwu Lake and Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing will be two permanent free opening up the core of tourist attractions for residents and visitors a broader expansion of leisure space, making more people close to Nanjing. It also reflects the city out "tickets economy" of the constraints, building a large tourism development pattern, bring the leisure industry speed the development of the city's strategic determination. At present, Nanjing is still brewing more parks will be open free of charge, and plan to Purple Mountain - Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area as a world-class integrated to create a "Central Park", to further improve the quality of the urban leisure.

Mayor recommends a "quantitative" statistical "leisure economy" "leisure society"

"Leisure economy" and "leisure society" look like? Renmin University of China Economic Research Center, Chinese leisure Renwang Qi adopted a "four indicators" and "six sense" to define, that is, a local land area in half for recreation, leisure industry output value from the GDP, half the residents share leisure time life time of one half of the residents leisure consumption accounts for half of consumer spending. People living here, to have "happy, comfortable, convenient, fast, rich, peace of mind" feeling.

In this regard, Li Weidong, vice mayor of Yinchuan City, proposed to create "leisure economy" and "leisure society", should be a complete quantitative statistical indicators, by the Government as a systematic work to implement, the effect will be better. In addition, the tax should be the promotion of the leisure industry.

"To further the integration of people and the city"

"In some countries, the city is mainly to provide a good environment for human living, and we now many cities are struggling to GDP, factories all over the city's streets." Chaohu City Vice Mayor Liu Xiaohua made, urban planning and construction must be people-oriented.

"Our first experience in a city that is 'to eat, shelter,' be convenient, to government departments or other agencies work side inconvenient, cultural and recreational facilities to meet the spiritual needs." Assistant mayor of Chengdu Zhou Hongde that the leisure industry can improve the quality of a city, but the amount of processing and manufacturing only for the expansion of the city.

Regional Tourism Development Committee of the National Vice President, Sichuan University, China Research Center, Recreation and Tourism Yang of the view that the city must have its own iconic image of the buildings, historic districts and projects. "In some urban planning, the more built factory. Can not be on the integration of research efforts and city people, and how to provide more leisure space, more green space, can I make urban forest, urban wetland park ? "

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