Festival passenger flow soars mid-autumn Shanghai railroad bureau is added arriv

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Shanghai railroad bureau says, the Mid-autumn Festival has a holiday 3 days first this year, just meet abstruse meeting holds damage of the 13rd international again, a large number of citizens will be used holiday goes close to visit friend or start a go on a journey, this bureau sends passenger and photograph of in former years to compare will apparent increase, among them Anhui area and passenger flow of short distance of along the line of another name for Ningbo of Shanghai peace Hangzhou will form a travel height. According to forecasting, come 15 days from September 12, this bureau sends a passenger to make an appointment with 3.1 million person, with added 828 thousand person compared to the same period last year. On September 13, occurrence height of railroad passenger flow, shanghai railroad bureau predicts to sent a passenger to will achieve above of 950 thousand person that day.

During be aimed at the Mid-autumn Festival grow in quantity of short distance passenger flow, the circumstance such as concentration of height of passenger flow direction, period of time, shanghai railroad bureau plans to add a canal inside temporarily passenger car 15.5 pairs. Include to mound among them in relief consummate sea 1 pair, shanghai reachs Nanjing (on the west) 4.5 pairs, shanghai comes without stannum 1 pair, shanghai is waited a moment 1 pair to Suzhou. In the meantime, still will change in real time according to passenger flow, adopt at any time add trailer wing, add a passenger car, adjust a variety of measure such as the sum stated on a cheque or bill, convenient passenger goes out row.


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