Hasten of Nanjing travel market is hot mid-autumn

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The Olympic Games that just goes let the attention of a lot of people be centrally on the match, the number of go on a journey August is inferior to in former years apparently, "A lot of people will go to plan postpone of in the future all right, arrived however ' 11 ' , crowd of go on a journey is centered, the price can rise again many, not be to one's profit. Since there was vacation September, the citizen may be arranged at this time go on a journey. The citizen may be arranged at this time go on a journey..

The tomb-sweeping day this year, because had a small long holiday of 3 days, form small height of a travel. At that time " short line of go for a walk in the country in spring swims " everyday about a hundred tourist signs up. According to statistic of age nation force, the amount receiving a visitor at that time is at ordinary times 3 times on the weekend. And at present, a lot of citizens are in consider going out mid-autumn row.

The small golden week with the travel product otherer than carrying midday to wait this year measures mid-autumn became much many, and price respect is common only " on the weekend valence " . "During mid-autumn same line, identical the travel product value that recieves a level, should compare ' 11 ' low 9 into. Should compare ' 11 ' low 9 into..

In the light of this year travel mid-autumn the market, many travel agent had been done sufficient homework. "The line that we take now has had several 10, the citizen still can undertake assorted according to his apiration. The citizen still can undertake assorted according to his apiration..

Besides normal travel, travel agent was in amuse oneself and close mid-autumn connection one case more, for instance a few circuitry, the tourist can take gaily painted pleasure boat noctivagant, attend riddles written on lanterns to have award guess, sample moon cake. "This kind satisfied a citizen to give the desire of travel already, increased a tradition again mid-autumn elemental circuitry, now very get citizen reception. Now very get citizen reception..


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