Compulsive tourist adds a dot to consume be punished of 4 Nanjing travel agent

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This year June, bureau of Nanjing city tourism received Yinchuan visitor complain, report goes firstly 36 people, playing travel agent of sea of Nanjing town red finite liability company organizes Hua Dongliu city to swim in the process, add compulsively by shop dot, compulsively to reduce the unfair treatment such as the tourist attraction with do sth without authorization. Travel of classics Nanjing city pledges inspect place is checked after, presence of finite liability company violates travel agent of Nanjing red sea compasses behavior, disobeyed badly " travel agent regulation " relevant provision. According to relevant provision, revoke business certificate of its travel agent.

Additional, bureau of Nanjing city tourism still was investigated other a few violate compasses act. Limited company of austral travel of limited company of travel of sightseeing of Nanjing stage travel and Nanjing, swim in a day the tourist guide that do not have card is used in business, do sth without authorization changes the respect existence problem such as travel tourist attraction, tourism bureau violated compasses enterprise to make administrative punishment to two; Additional, "Nanjing 9 bead house aing mythical wild animal " with false and inferior product shoddy, with " fellow-townsman " as bait, foist on northeast will could there be tourist 38000 Yu Yuan's commodity, via checking solid, this inn is suspected of commercial bribery, the sale is fake commodity, damaged Nanjing image badly, had undertaken handling to this matter at present.

Director Cao Yonglin of bureau of Nanjing city tourism expresses, to build favorable travel environment, bureau of Nanjing city tourism still combines Nanjing civilized town cheek by jowl establish an activity, from " sunshine executes the law " , " sunshine is publicized " , " sunshine price " and " sunshine serves " wait for respect firm to catch travel market processing, optimize the travel environment of Nanjing.


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