Nanjing tourism bureau reminds: See pitfall of travel advertisement caution

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Chief of office of government of industry of city tourism bureau is in the bulletin warns a citizen on the meeting, "11 " before go on a journey, want advertisement of recognize travel agent to publicize all sorts of trap that go up.

In " sunshine acts " 4 months after starting, city tourism bureau still was investigated jointly with industrial and commercial bureau be suspected of releasing violate compasses advertising 23 travel agent. The travel that is investigated violates compasses advertisement to basically divide kinds big, one kind is false conduct propaganda, if a few travel agent did not leave the country obviously,swim form a delegation aptitude, still hit advertisement conduct propaganda to leave the country swim product; Another kind belongs to non-standard conduct propaganda, some travel agent are for instance commonly used " travel quotes ' total package ' " , " 100 powerful travel agent of countrywide " (did not indicate selection fixed number of year) wait for tourist of ambiguous word deceive, a few travel agent still cast him protect, oneself are benefited " danger of travel agent responsibility " " give " to the tourist.

From city tourism bureau was started in May " sunshine acts " travel market is special since processing, the citizen is spent to travel company satisfaction rise apparently.


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