Many course such as Nanjing flying Beijing pushs special offer bill

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From Donghang Jiangsu company learns, since this month, this company is new rolled out lowest of domestic airline ticket the policy of two special offer privilege that change, favourable course includes: "Nanjing - Guangzhou " one-way 240 yuan, "Nanjing - Beijing " one-way 250 yuan, "Nanjing - Chongqing " one-way 320 yuan, "Nanjing - Chengdu " go back and forth between 1240 yuan, the airline ticket of other course also has the discount of distinct range. In addition, dong Hang still rolls out another " airline ticket in a limited time open to booking " favourable policy, apply to home any one course. Always shift to an earlier date Dong Hang of purchase in advance of time of a week above this year on October 11 - the airline ticket during December 31, what all can enjoy different discount is favourable; Ahead of schedule 30 days of above can be enjoyed 2.8 lose privilege; Ahead of schedule 15 days of above can be enjoyed 3.5 lose privilege, shift to an earlier date 7 days to be able to be enjoyed 4 lose privilege. (above airline ticket buys time to allow with giving bill time to be, optional lot turns and do not change, and do not get return a ticket inside before taking off 7 days. ) two kinds of afore-mentioned favourable airline ticket in Dong Hang all booking office and acting dot all have set limit to to sell.

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