Travel caution goes to peaceful tourist but withdraw from a young league

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Yesterday (2 days) in the morning, national tourism bureau releases two travel caution continuously, the Chinese tourist that the proposal drafts to go to peaceful can inspect a circumstance to postpone date of departure. Yesterday afternoon, before firm say Thailand swims all as usual, Guangzhou travel agent that did not suffer demonstration effect corrects oneself quickly, say group of the tourism that go to peaceful will adjourn to set out or make processing of withdraw from a young league.

Because Bangkok enters critical condition and ministry extension field to shut, the journey of Guangzhou tourist got affect, many people stop Thailand, among them most person is Thailand happening after demonstration, the citizen that Thailand travels is entered below travel agent misdirect.

According to relevant travel code, if travel agent is intended revulsive citizen heads for Thailand to travel, no matter be the journey,be affected, still stay in place, expenses should be assumed by travel agent; Be in next travel agent is lead signing up Thailand swims, want the citizen of withdraw from a young league now, also can ask withdraw from a young league of travel agent sum is expended. Because Thailand condition is uptodate still not Anacreontic, the citizen that the expert suggests to plan the near future to go to Thailand to travel should cancel the journey.

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