Shanghai tourist loves hill of Nanjing dwell glow to enjoy maple part of a histo

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Nanjing is very close from Shanghai, dwell glow hill is the closest from Shanghai good place that enjoys maple part of a historical period more. When seeing air temperature can see about the same red autumnal leaves, last weekend I went to Nanjing dwell glow hill.

Give Nanjing railway station to arrive by Na Long line area of dwell Xiashan scene, what see above all is dwell glow ancient temple. Before Gu Si two honour red copper elephant has distinguishing feature quite: There is one Aquarius on the back (metaphor protects restful) , nose is coiling flexibly, look oil lays glad condition. Enter audience hall, if kowtow one by one in that way to other cloister,do obeisance to, photograph confidence sincere clever.

What age went up in cloister is old abbe sit below vernal sunshine, small shut binocular, read aloud in the mouth read aloud have decline, a pair of Bodhisattva honour is allowed. The calm expression of the sort of stand aloof from the worldly affairs, mixing the Buddhist sound of the burning incense of flourishing of the flourishing in cloister and eulogy Buddha, the mental state that makes a person blundering at a draught calm come down.

Giving temple of the glow that get dwell is 1000 Buddha cliff, all figure of Buddha or 56 honour one niche, or 78 honour one room. The grotto figure of Buddha here already had history of more than 1000 years, figure of Buddha is big person high number a unit of length, small person be filled with feet only. Go to be able to see stupa nearby eastwards along hill road, on 5 8 tower walls quarter have Sakyamuni Buddha to become the elegant relief such as 8 phasor, that is the classic with artistic buddhism of period of our country the Five Dynasties.

Ascend the stairs, this is approaching the theme of visit all the way-----See red autumnal leaves.

The tree of dwell glow hill age longer, woods exuberance, branch contends for photograph upgrade to grow, go on stone class so, the my day of day of block of branches and leaves on the head. Deep autumn all sorts of leaves already graduallied season become angry, when the first maple greets eyelid, my mood is excited the elephant is childish went straight towards the past. And it is resembled in respectful Hou we the tourist that these view and admire it designedly, swaying with the wind that bright red maple leaf.

Dwell glow hill not high and steep, but quiet and beautiful happy static. We spent near two hours, the edge walks along an edge to admire scene, carefree ground ascends Shanghai to unplug 3 cogongrass of 286 meters the highest peak in a mountain range peak. This walks all the way in the dwell glow hill that if the poem is picturesque,is in, maple Lin Ruhuo, free hill is alled over red. Maple leaf has orange bright red, scarlet, amaranthine, crimson is red, red wait for the red with differ depth. Stand below maple, sunshine sheds next mottled smooth images through the maple leaf of thick, gentle breeze has been blown, the maple leaf on the tree hops in branch like birdie carol, the fallen leaves on the ground go up to fall suddenly suddenly wave errant. The one chunk that from time to time the elephant of red autumnal leaves of a maple is spilled on green canvas is red, in mirrorring the woods that is before, so so gorgeous, dazzing, and the aureate yellow leaf set off on ginkgo tree is such harmony by maple leaf. Overlook mountain peak, have big more maple forest set off one another among them, green layer cascade folds Gong Huangchen, thick seem greasepaint picture.
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