It is good that the holiday does a requirement to do " 11 " holiday travel works

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Time of department of countrywide holiday travel coordinates conference office to issued an announcement a few days ago, had done 2008 " 11 " holiday travel job undertakes arranging disposition. Announcement requirement, various holiday travel coordinates an orgnaization to want serious analysis to forecast " 11 " the demand characteristic of holiday travel market, specific aim ground organizes the supply of product of good holiday travel, consciousness of safety of farther aggrandizement travel, strengthen sectional efforts, fulfil system of safety responsibility, aggrandizement safety is superintended, make good meet an urgent need beforehand case, ensure safety of holiday travel market is orderly, build favorable holiday travel environment hard.

The announcement points out, this year " 11 " the important period that market of the travel after holiday is worth Beijing Olympic Games to end calamity of shake of He Wenchuan earth renews. Had done " 11 " travel of golden week holiday works, restore to driving market of the travel after calamity, development of consumption of exciting home dweller, stimulative tourism has special sense. Various holiday travel coordinates an orgnaization to want to take seriously highly, strengthen a leadership, early plan, early deploy, according to " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 uniform requirements, make full use of the market effect after the Olympic Games, arouse and organize each field force, substantial travel product furnishs, satisfy the consumptive requirement of people, ensure prosperity of holiday travel market is orderly, let numerous people enjoy a happy and auspicious long holiday.

Announcement requirement, each district is OK " celebrate motherland birthday in all, in all success of congratulate Olympic Games, share holiday joy " for masterstroke, the organization rolls out a batch of people to participate in the travel red-letter day with strong sex to celebrate an activity, build the holiday atmosphere of harmonious joy. The Beijing city that assumes Olympic Games match, should make full use of establishment of Olympic Games place, through conducting all sorts of culture sports activities, abound product of Olympic Games travel and circuitry, drive holiday travel market. Each district should be developed energetically those who be aimed at different consumption group is recreational go vacationing travel, zoology travel, countryside travel, fitness the product such as health body travel, advocate healthy and good holiday recreational life; Guide actively drive oneself swim, expeditionary swim, self-help swims wait for personalized travel activity, below the premise that assures safety, satisfy requirement of go on a journey of broad tourist diversification.

The announcement works with respect to aggrandizement safety made specific deploy. It is to strengthen the safety of key place to superintend. 2 it is to strengthen the safety of key link to superintend. 3 it is to strengthen safe education to guide. 4 it is to strengthen early-warning to be on guard to deal with with lash-up preparation. About holiday travel environment, announcement requirement, it is to strengthen combination to execute the law to be superintended with the market, take strict precautions against force up price and " 0 League membership dues " or " negative League membership dues " , the shoddy, action that forces the disturbed market order such as consumption, do good complaint handling seriously, protect travel consumer rights and interests. 2 it is to organize travel to recieve an unit to begin Wu of sincere be convinced, civilization extensively to serve an activity, normative travel manages action, raise holiday travel to serve quality. 3 it is to continue to begin " convention of behavior of civilization of travel of Chinese citizen home " and " Chinese citizen goes abroad (condition) guideline of travel civilization behavior " wait for conduct propaganda to teach an activity, guide environment of tourist civilization travel, resource conservation, protection and rational consumption.
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