More than 1000 miniascape expect lake of Nanjing incredible connecting with the

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This year during National Day, exhibition of miniascape of the 7th China is in Nanjing Xuan Wu is held inside lake park, because be matches of 4 years of domestic top potted landscape, a lot of miniascape lover can't restrain excited mood already, during miniascape is met the elegant miniascape many of each different of many 1000 configuration, nanjing citizen one feast one's eyes on. After golden hill late the press publishs this information, many readers call will express, they also want to take the advantage of this opportunity to experience the glamour of so many miniascape, hope this column can introduce the knowledge of appreciate of a few miniascape.

Small in see big, gout of extremely rich appreciation

Everybody knows a good miniascape good-looking, but, how to go admiring? Miniascape serves as a kind of artwork, how to admire, not be a simple thing. Common saying says: "Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance. " the person that it needs appreciation has art of certain thought level, culture accomplishment and life experience.

Nevertheless, be less than a month too again, exhibition of miniascape of the 7th China was about to kick off, now " evil fill " of basic knowledge or there's still time. Actually you want to remember only, miniascape is to depend on " small in see big " of get victory. It is the epitome of nature, although result from natural, but should excel nature. So arboreous miniascape wants can " shrink Long Chengcun " , landscape miniascape wants can " shrink ground a thousand li " , ask to achieve with small get the better of mix greatly the effect with Jian Shengfan.

In addition, miniascape floral configuration, colour can change as the change of the four seasons. Like spring new bud is spat emerald green, summertime branch numerous Xie Mao, autumn fructification again and again, winter limb is vigrous. As the tree age grow, tree still can show the attitude of a kind of Cang Gu gradually. View and admire arboreous growing process and change of the four seasons, rich huge appreciates interest.

Great Master spot makes miniascape, fascinating

Do more significantly for grand meeting of will current miniascape, the organizing committee is special the making performance that invited expert of the miniascape Great Master that at present bound of domestic potted landscape has main force, Great Master that make a tub, miniascape to undertake miniascape to exhibition spot, in order to promote the historical culture of Chinese miniascape. This to viewing and admire person appreciate level also has particular demand.

An outstanding miniascape work is ability and art perfect union, cut plunge into, carve, water etc is the essential factor with miniascape the mainest creation, know the layout of miniascape, composition of a picture, modelling even of course. Good arboreous miniascape still needs year answer a year of patient and meticulous elaborate conserve, common saying says art everlasting, the more complex and difficulty is great often more absorbing. If the citizen wants to experience miniascape personally from make the process that makes artwork, the fair of miniascape of the 7th China that during that can miss National Day with respect to scarcely, holds in black Wu Hu.
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