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In the folktale of Nanjing, ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang is depicted an appearance is deformed, jealousy is suspicious, cruel and evil, massacre hero, connect the oppressor that son of him one's own also does not let off even; More polite to empress horse empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, do not miss working people instinctive quality to prove her, act carefully is exaggerative the day that she never accepts feudal the Confucian or feudal ethical code that pair to restrain is full. There is her up to now on hill of a ball made of strips of silk outside door of river scooping up " footmark " , all the year round is accumulating the spring that one bark does not dry up, the big hair with the right visitor that leads so that be attracted thinks of ancient exquisite feelings.

Counsellor Liu Ji is be bordering on by the character of apotheosis, have say he did not enter celestial being native place finally, can calculate half immortal only. This person result becomes anyhow to retreat nowhere to be found personally, did not leave any marks that can offer person look with reverence almost. Compare with Liu Ji, zhongshan king Xu is amounted to is a person that does not pass really however, about his fokelore, so much without Liu Ji, also do not have the composition of too much fiction. Just go up to death in his did feature little article, say Xu Da is killed build a back () back subcutaneous ulcer, avoid eats goose; And Zhu Yuanzhang however specially group person sent an evaporate old goose to him. Xu amounts to a heart to know Zhu Yuanzhang to believe him not to pass, tearful those who feed, within the next few days to subcutaneous ulcer is sent and die. The I that no more than of this kind of view is Yan Zhongchen faithful, of shape oppressor cruel, stem from the concept with long already exercise of some kind of photograph completely, without how many basis.

In fact, concern except Jun Chen between Zhu Yuanzhang and Xu Da besides, personal friendship also is different from general. " bright history " account: "Xu amounts to word day heart, hao person, world trade farming, rare high aim, grow height cheekbone, resolute Wu Yong. Too Zu Zhi is Shuai Ye of Guo Zixing ministry, when amounting to, toward from, see language close... " its are adscript carry him 30 years to army horse go through fire and water of go on an expedition is built repeatedly outstanding service, be regarded as big bright dynasty the first hero. Zhu Yuanzhang sends his couplet to say: "Gu Jin of native place of work of broken captive smooth pretty's person the first; Piece will enter just hold world of civil and military concurrently incomparable " . The official seals right prime minister, change a Wei Guogong, grant iron certificate article: "At present and Er oath: If seek,go against do not excuse. If the others commits capital crime, avoid Er 2 dead, child avoid die, in order to sign up for Er result. " say again: "Work of Xu elder brother is great, have no peaceful house, can grant with old the residence of a high official. " this is old what mansion points to is the old Wang Fu when Zhu Yuanzhang weighs Wu Wang. Xu amounts to firm demit not to suffer. Zhu Yuanzhang is in again fete of Wu Wang government office he, after fuddle, life person will find a place for on the bed that once had slept in oneself. "Amount to wake, below Jing hasten rank, fu breathes out capital crime. " (" Xu Da is passed " ) such Zhu Yuanzhang was forced to build a mansion house for it in old Di Qian, the position is in exhibition of present the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history. And in the thing of mansion two dypass mouth is built " great merit lane " , the contribution He Zhongshun that with commending Xu amounts to. In addition still will east field (egret continent) with Mo Chou the lake grants him, "Constant Xing Jizhai " ; This it serves to show is not common Jun Chen concern.
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