Opening of 3 hill market becomes aware completely temple

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The mosque with Nanjing existent the earliest history, be those who be located in horn of northwest of opening of 3 hill market is clean become aware temple.

Become aware completely temple only then build at Ming Hongwu 25 years (1392) , xi'an changes the tablet stone that becomes aware the Ming Yongle inside alley mosque stood 3 years in Feburary to have a paragraph of character but endowment proof: "Hong Wu 25 years on March 14, ... act according to imperial edict... Gai Zaoli does obeisance to a temple 2: Nanjing should mill of copper of weather government office; Shaanxi bear announce county of Chang'an of government office of politics department Xi'an child midday alley. " week temple is called first, bright be destroyed between Xuan Denian. After Zheng He is issueing West to return for the last time, achieve rebuilds please. According to Ming Xuande carry in a record of events inscribed on a tablet 5 years July 26 bright, imperial order of emperor of announce an administrative unit in Xizang is accurate " can apply at inspect of the official inside Nanjing or draw money of the Ministry of Works in feudal China " building. Great treats year of intercrop repair, jia Jing year Di Cili does obeisance to an emperor of world an administrative unit in Xizang temple with " become aware completely temple " the top part of a tablet, from now on cupreous mill (namely today 3 hill street is taken) week temple is called become aware completely temple. The damage between salty good year is serious, existent old building has " Guang Xuding is ugly 3 years (1877) Gui Yue rebuilds " reach " smooth mood already the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches year (1879) buccal month is repaired again " model of written characters. But style, adornment maintains former appearance therefore, just dimensions not

Reach in those days. At the outset week hall has " 99 " 81 (namely face broadness, into all be 9) greatly. An arch over a gateway of bricky carve memorial archway that one's early years still saves a bright generation to hand down (local person spends) of an arch over a gateway, temple week also has enclosing wall of lofty bricky build by laying bricks or stones, this is the enclosing wall of highest one place brick that at present Nanjing still puts.

Become aware the azimuth of the temple and common structure are different completely. Audience hall sits Xichaodong, the door that faces a market from south into. Week hall sits Xichaodong (countrywide such) , enter temple gate when people, to when abduct prays to audience hall on the west, it is hold office at court " Mecca " . Enter temple gate, be seen head on it is " 4 column 3 3 pailou " an arch over a gateway of style, already destroyed regrettablly. Illuminate from saved graph on look, be bright the memorial archway of vulture brick stone that imperial order builds first, have value of artistic, history very much, already entrusted according to of company of inhaling county ancient construction unvarnished carve controls construction.
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