Room of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty

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Nanjing has a master shrine, there is a river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty on, this is contained eat have play have sth. worth seeing or reading, it is the place that all kinds of people of all sorts of people of of all ages likes. Read Zhang Dai nearly " Tao An dream is recalled " , roll 4 in have " room of Qin Huai river " first, grand occasion is like draw at that time in at present, excerption as follows: "Room of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, contain, intercourse, excessive seductivelies dressed or made up, room value is very expensive and of contain person the day that do not have empty. Draw boat xiao beat, go come, setbacks meantime. Besides river room, the home has gazebo, figured woven silk material of bright red column is scanty, curtain of bamboo shade gauze. Xia Yueyu stops, gazebo is miscellaneous sit, in cross-strait water building, jasmine wind starting children is popular very. Female passenger circular fan is light fine silk fabrics, hair worn in a bun or coil of bend of delay hair on the temples, soft fawn on writes a person. Carry midday year after year, capital traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women fills excessive, contest sees light vessel. Meddlesome person boat of collect small covering or awning on a car 100 assorted a light boat, ovine corner lamp is hanged to be like couplet bead on sail. Bow end photograph is held, have come repeatedly more than 10 a light boat person. The boat is like clam of candle dragon fire, inflectional connect curl up, coil appoint come back fold, extreme misery is stimulated shoot. Big cymbals of star of cymbals of the Dui in the boat, planning song bowstring is in charge of, seething is like boil. Traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women with a bang laughs by column, acousto-optic and messy, information cannot own. Midnight, incomplete of music tired lamp, star comes loose oneself. Zhong Baijing has " lightship of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty is endowed with " ,

Zhong Xing's ode is disinclined to broke up, feel literal stipple of Zhang Dai gave the two big landscape on river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty however, it is the room of river side, it is the boat in the river, and the beauty of these two things, should show in the ability in Chun Xia's seasonal night life come out. Zhang Dai's angle is see a boat from inside the room, still have the article that the house reads in depicting a ship however, that is Yu Ping uncle, Zhu Ziqing bead couplet wall closes " the Qin Huai river in shadow of oar sound light " , they " the lamp vague impression that bear gets river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty to go up " , just also " the midsummer night when full moon You Jiao " .

Nevertheless, yu, bright red the dream that the Qin Huai night scene that two gentlemen experience already was not Zhang Dai is recalled, because " peach blossom fan " in had sung: "Soon he removes Zhu Lou, soon his banquet guest, soon his building collapsed. " however " peach blossom fan " sing again: "Flourishing add of resurgence face city, arrogance of children and grand children of evil of involuntary discharge of urine piece, after persuading a high building to chase after only advocate, not anxious bow arrow issues incomplete the Tang Dynasty. " then Zhang Dai's dream add go down. Also because of the reason that moves when world different, erst flourishing compete for, became Bei to hate photograph add again, the river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty below Yu, writing brush dipped in red ink escapes hard still " the building collapsed " disaster is difficult. Till the last few years, had one time again " remove Zhu Lou " , " banquet guest " atmosphere. The downtown streets of archaize is bustling, coastal it is ragged river room. Nowadays thinks room seeing a river is what appearance after all, might as well go to two place looking. The former residence that one place is Li Xiangjun " fawn on sweet building " , this comparatives with Zhang Dai's description almost. One place is to be called " other people of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty " guesthouse, a flock of just the yard of type of bright Qing Dynasty with nice build, there is a window to overlook a river in the room, the about of room of cabin of smallpox make it of some rooms, old if this lies in the boat. It is one place probably contain, the place of intercourse, fang Zhigui is denied do not know, because the article does not advertise. Besides river room, also noctivagant lightship moves back and forth come-and-go.
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