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Be located in the master shrine of riverside of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, only then build Yu Dongjin to become Xian Kang of develop of minister of the Supreme Being 3 years (337 years of) , offer according to Wang Dao " manage state affairs is attached most importance to with breeding a talent " , establish bank of Henan of Yu Qinhuai of the Imperial College. Learn palace only in those days, did not build Confucian temple. Confucian temple is the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of 祐 of scene of Songren an administrative unit in Xizang (1034) learn palace extend with respect to the Eastern Jin dynasty and become. What act according to because of hold a memorial ceremony for is aperture master, friend calls a master temple again. Confucian temple is built in front of what learn palace, the purpose is to depend on hope person child abide by first the path of holy wise man, accept feudal Jiaohua. The Southern Song Dynasty is built phlogistic year meet with arms ammunition burn down; Carry on promotes 9 years (1139) rebuild again, say to build health government office to learn. Yuan face instead collect celebrates a road to learn. Bright the country is first child learn, will go up yuan, two counties learn Jiang Ning merge into, destroy again ever since reconstructive. The government office at the beginning of Qing Dynasty learns change former the Imperial College, learn master shrine former seat of government old haunt instead to go up yuan, the county of two counties learns Jiang Ning. Yu Bing fire is damaged again between salty good year;

Master shrine is the center of culture and education of Nanjing of period of bright Qing Dynasty not only, the culture and education that also is the coronal that saves each southeast house at the same time is built group. With Qin Huai the river is Pan Chi in front, south bank has the whole nation's longest a screen wall facing the gate of a house. A screen wall facing the gate of a house builds Yu Mingmo one by one 3 years (1575) , pass repair now, already returned in those days elegant demeanour. The stone column by the side of Pan Chi was built 9 years 1514 for Ming Zhengde, also decorate now complete. There is Kui Guang Ge east, there is multiple star booth on the west, indicative style of writing is prosperous; Two side establish thing of the square before temple stone column, submit a written statement to a higher authority " chancellery of civil and military so far discontinue " , be opposite in order to show " king of sacrosanctity article announce " esteeming meaning. Have before temple door " center of the world article " cypress memorial archway, it is at the back of memorial archway " lattice star door " , fasten memorial archway of tall stone of beyond of a unit of length, 6 column 3, the door is engraved in have " lattice star door " article of 3 words seal. 3 embed between the door peony brick engraves anaglyph, post all has Yun Diao, form namely ornamental columns erected in front of palaces. This is the passageway of worshipping aperture of pilgrim of imperial tour of inspection, be not general officer common people to be able to come in and go out. Column of paling of peaceful of everyday use closes. Enter lattice star gate, two side have the thing each hold respect the door, it is among become the door greatly, call halberd the door again. In feudal times, whenever new moon, look (at the beginning of the traditional Chinese calendar one, 15) pilgrim He Chunqiu is sacral, officer of government office county, teach instruct, example to guide learn v/arc drillmaster by enter into the door greatly, person child go hold respect the door, do not get even more quadrature. Below rank the Chi that it is red, the thing is consistent 3 tablet, it is east yuan to arrange 2 years (1331) seal sacrosanctity madam tablet, it is on the west 4 inferior holy tablet, a record of events inscribed on a tablet learning palace is repaired for Qing Kangxi on the west again. Red Chi left and right sides is two Wu, there is corridor to open main hall outside. The memorial tablet of 72 a person of virtue of door of aperture of two Wu consecrate. It is to be in the middle of " become a hall greatly " , there is gazebo outside, it is the ground with the happy dance when age hold a memorial ceremony for, 3 annulus with stone column, set furnace of red copper burn quadrilateral, light tung-oil torch, sacred be in more midnight the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, light is like daytime. Hall Neizhengzhong consecrate " become sacrosanctity greatly first Shi Kongzhi " , the left and right sides deserves to enjoy 4 inferior emperor -- Yan Hui, Ceng Can, Meng Ke, aperture only. The eastern side of the hall has wicket to connect learn palace. Wall of Confucian temple courtyard and those who learn palace, thing north has the channel of free from worry 3 times, ever cultivated hundreds of cypress, gu Mu is very tall, depressed grey. In those days, look at by column on the Wen Deqiao outside temple, the housetop of maize glazed tile that becomes a hall greatly is in green appear resplendent and magnificent in shade clump, grand and grand. Bring up the rear is " Ming Detang " , a horizontal inscribed board of according to legend is regular script of Wen Tianxiang of the Southern Song Dynasty, hind by seal character of Ceng Guofan instead. It is after hall " honour classics cabinet " , cabinet is schoolroom of lecture teaching instruct formerly, what upstairs Tibet has many confusianism ancient codes and records is inflexible with picture of a lot of sages and men of virtue. Qing Dynasty is destroyed between Jiaqingnian again by flames of war. Qing Dynasty treats 8 years together (1869) 2 people repair Ceng Guofan, Li Hongzhang again in succession extend, restore old appearance. However, the main building of Confucian temple all damaged the artillery fire at Japanese aggressor troops 1937. After liberating, primary share learning palace regards Qin Huai as division people pleasure ground, "Renown eunuch countryside virtuous ancestral temple " criterion elementary school of instead master shrine; Monarch of the big relics that become a hall is master shrine square. "The Great Cultural Revolution " in, odd building is destroyed again. 1983, the government allocates funds rebuild master shrine ancient building group, main body building restores old appearance roughly.
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