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Black garment alley is the place name that 6 day period stays, because king Xie Dazu has lived here, a lot of poets since Tang Dynasty often use the Zhu Yinyong of reason true body here, become people thereby to live excursive famous historical site. Is black garment alley in where after all? I just am cleared up later. From issue a road to go to a paragraph when build Kang Lu in vain old call rosefinch the road, so long since, the bridge of that 4 elephants that I always get on rosefinch road regarded as rosefinch bridge. Actually rosefinch bridge renown rosefinch boat, it is a pontoon on river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, confront capital of 6 court times south door rosefinch door, friend name. Basis " river Nantong annals " textual research, site is bridge of the Huaihe River of the town on river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty inside China door probably, already changed the reinforced concrete big bridge that builds a modernization now. Ponder Liu poem, black garment alley should be near rosefinch bridge. " language of guest go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married " the cloud: "Should take to Wu Dingqiao in shears alley. " move one " when " word, explain specific place cannot point to truly already. Current black garment alley is on the west of bridge of heart of master shrine article, be genuine " appoint alley " , may not is in those days king, wither etc rich and powerful family is big a group of things with common features uptown exact seat.

Of black garment alley get a name, old note think king, Xie Zidi all garment Wu Yi, friend name. Shen Zu, Cheng Qianfan " ancient poetry chooses today " note: "Black garment alley, be in today southeast Nanjing city. When the the Three Kingdoms, it is the army barracks location that Wu Guoshu defends stone wall. Sergeant wears black uniform, friend name. At the beginning of the Eastern Jin dynasty, chancellery king guides here, become later king, wither etc rich and powerful family is big a group of things with common features uptown. " criterion this alley child get a name, time even in advance is close hundred years.

No matter black garment alley is how to get a name, where be no matter it cuts a place really,also after all, but it is southeast the city, especially with king of times of the Eastern Jin dynasty, thank noble of two big rich and powerful family to having affinity, it is affirmative and undoubted. Two gave many man of the time at that time, wang Dao, Xie An is among them the mainest spokesman.

Wang Dao, at the beginning of the Eastern Jin dynasty year prime minister. Honest of his king of a group of things with common features elder brother is imperatorial. Have at that time " king and horse () of Martens of department of emperor pointing to advance, in all the world " view, those who see Wang gens power and influence is big.

At that time, face the reality of Central Plains fall, there are a lot of people in political power of the Eastern Jin dynasty limp, be at a loss what to do, only Wang Dao is returned can in a way gets up steam, gave out " recapture China " brave words. Contradict as a result of advance room interior regrettablly heavily, actual strength is frail, although Wang Dao is in yuan, bright, into 3 emperor regnant period has successively held the posts of main job, lifelong also can not pay all real operations northern expedition. Because of
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