Courtyard of Changjiang Delta tribute

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Courtyard of Changjiang Delta tribute is located in master shrine east, it is building of whole master shrine group one part, only then build at Xiao Zongqian of the Southern Song Dynasty to 4 years (1169) , be called at that time build health tribute courtyard, it is prefectural government office learn exam place. Cover an area of dimensions not quite, number of take an examination is not much also. After Nanjing of Ming Taizu choose a site for the capital, countryside tries, can try concentration to undertake in Nanjing, accordingly, the county learns, government office learns to must be built additionally take an examination of canopy (canopy of take an examination ofing of lower reaches of the Changjiang River is built in battalion of door the eastern side, learn examination room for county of Jiang Ning county formerly; Of crow the foot of a mountain taking an examination of canopy is to go up yuan of examination room) that prefectural county learns. Bright become Zuyongle 19 years (1421) , after change of national capital north, nanjing still is accompany, and the ground that Changjiang Delta is humanitarian assemble, the exam still is held on schedule. Bright generation middle period and Qing Dynasty are acting, tribute courtyard all has extend. Arrive between clear Guang Xunian, cover an area of quite broad, home Yao alley rises east, north comes strange visit a country fair (build Kang Lu) today, with the master temple borders on the west, front door is in now before gate of field of Huai opera of the Qin Dynasty. Meantime examinee date abandons more than 20400, be in charge of an examination, allusion tries, inspect is faced, the government-owned room that inspect tries person of the thing that reach office to wait hundreds, of dimensions big, those who cover an area of is wide, outside dividing Beijing, for the whole nation each province countryside tries the coronal of examination room. City is medium now of the gate austral the hospital " Ming Yuanlou " the center that is courtyard of Changjiang Delta tribute. Every face an exam period, deacon official is stationed in this to issue orders, be in charge of alert. The Ming Yuanlou of bright generation is three-layer, all have a window on four sides, commanding, day and night is on duty Liao looks, in case examinee privately ambulates reach hold battle person have without deliver a fraud for you. Additional, 4 border also build tribute courtyard enclosing wall each " 瞭 watchtower " in order to aid observation.

In bright generation, jiangsu, Anhui is Nanjing close Ji, say at the beginning of Qing Dynasty " Changjiang Delta is saved " , when Kang Xi only then differentiate revive, Anhui two provinces, and politics, military affairs or an organic whole, countryside tries still continue to use bright make, two provinces are lifted child come to Nanjing should try. So, the name of southeast tribute courtyard is withheld all the time. Lift child come to Nanjing should try, not be each county it is OK that all scholars, granary is born to take an examination, want to be admitted through trying beforehand beforehand however. Leave division this year in Feburary, the examinee of the Anhui province takes an examination of canopy to the upper Changjiang region (show city to stand 6 in) ; The examinee that Jiangsu saves takes an examination of canopy to lower reaches of the Changjiang River (show city to establish) of the first hospital. 3 days of 3 field exams are passing, the countryside that get tries diploma, just can attend countryside to try; Countryside tries be equal to the province is taken an examination of now, also be 3 years of general election. Changjiang Delta countryside tries over autumn to hold, cry again so " autumn a side gate of an imperial palace " . Every a side gate of an imperial palace 3, every 3 day and night. Cook a meal boils tea meal to provide for oneself completely by examinee. Date abandons uniform Na Xiangcheng to discharge, nearly 100 a name is long, short also have 5, 60. Two the long lane with about 4 broad rule leaves between the platoon, big book of head of alley mouth door some name, light of equipment buy order and water jar. Lift child enter by date, date is abandoned without the door, linoleum of provide for oneself makes door curtain with windbreak rain; Date is abandoned inside wide 3 feet, grow 4 foot, stretch one's hand can reach eave. From the ground one, there is groove on the wall of 2 feet, two board are OK and throbbing. Superstratum board commits the crime by day writing, lower level board can sit; Night takes next superstratum board and lower level is become bed. It is very difficult really. And imperial examinations this road is special stricture, can from this of dignitary it is minority only after all, most student is lifelong wander besides Yu Diantang, hoary head is poor year, generation of consult the sliding weight of a steelyard. But also have rich home children, know work force of no use oneself, hard make inquires, play delighted simply; More advantageous the instruct that use san " every is lifted child go to Beijing to should try, an outpost of the tax office on the way discharged of exempt from examinations " opportunity, traffic large quantities of goods, tax evasion custom duty, go round singsong houses to Nanjing, you Le, take money again next and return. So, nanjing compares every greatly year, market is very lively, with the master temple takes faker to placed closely side by side all round tribute courtyard, the pedestrian is bustling, be just as spend the New Year.
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