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Custom of Nanjing old times, "The Beginning of Summer " this day, adult should call a child to ride sit on the doorsill to eat pea cake, call " not a summer disease " . According to " Jin Ling is written down when year old " explanation, the origin of this custom, because summer weather is fervent,be, person Duobuen food, let a child eat pea cake first, be expected to be fed at whole summer not tire of.

Nanjing person says to carry midday to be commonly " in May section " . Before the section several days, everybody small family, must hang Zhong Kui to resemble coming on central scroll. At this moment, various zhongzis answer in succession city, the calamus that comes from a country, Ai Xie is filled up with also street. It is in fruit inn " Bai Sha " loquat, "Bright red gown " loquat; In season Gao Youxian duck's egg, this locality famous product burns goose, burn duck, saury, hilsa herring to wait a moment, cloud of poem of bless of bright person Qu: "Collect Delinggen to draw near lotus root pond, because of festival the Dragon Boat Festival... hilsa herring of hutch sugar cane puts a fish on the ice to meet, dish Jian of the millet that supply part is paddle. " of the fresh foods when all through the ages of visible dragon boat festival is very a bit more lickerish.

Nanjing person calls upright midday again " child division " , sell a tiger model small red birds, the tiger shoe that the baby wears, and 5 kinds of strings that are tied on child arm, hold the bag of colour rope small network of salty duck's egg, spell set prescription piece with 5 kinds of paper again these diamonds of mosaic tiger " small tiger " etc, also became in season business. These exquisite are gadgety, give the hand from housewife, they this temporarily the business is called: "Drive a red-letter day " .

Arrived to carry midday one day this, mouth of domestic home gate is inserted on calamus sword, some other peoples still hang card of the five poisonous creatures. Fast close midday, domestic home closes door window, an Ai Xie is burned inside the house, immediately flue gas winds around, alley of sweet excessive street. This is called " drive the five poisonous creatures " . Alleged " the five poisonous creatures " , it is the poisonous insect such as gecko, centipede, scorpion, spider. Spray everywhere in house part foundation again next realgar water. Of course, before this, house inside and outside already had made general cleaning one time. Accordingly someone says: What the Chinese carries midday too is consuetudinary, the sanitation that is edge of a kind of acting acting appearance actually moves, the purpose is to do well the environment is clean, kill an injurious insect, prevent a disease, good to pass very hot weather prepares.

Midday, yellow rice or millet wine of Dou Yinxiong of ordinary other people. Even if pauper, this day also gets course of on collect a few shape. Three-colored amaranth is the course of climate and other natural phenomena of a season that domestic home takes surely, allegedly upright midday eats three-colored amaranth, summer can avoid an abdomen to ache. Return so that Jiashangyi nods garlic on dish, this is to be antiseptic drive poison apparently. Drink realgar wine, intention also is to be this, close nevertheless person thinks according to scientific analysis realgar is harmful to human body, alexipharmic effect is not big however. When drinking, adult dips in with the head of garlic surely realgar wine is drawn on child forehead one " king " word, also be the meaning of indicative tiger. Garlic head is acrimony, the child does not have, use in bags of net of afore-mentioned colour rope then a garlic and salty duck's egg, seam the garment in the child to go up, can avoid allegedly unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, 2 can avoid dirty.
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