The 99 uprise that weigh this world are met

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The traditional Chinese calendar on September 9, because lunar day all is in relief number, friend says to weigh this world. Jin Renzhou writes at Nanjing " clime writes down " in say: "Heavy this world encounters, wine of chrysanthemum of mountain-climbing, drink, calling uprise is met, yun Juhua is met. " the specification is when the Eastern Jin dynasty, nanjing already had the common of uprise. Yu Yongming of emperor of neat fierce of the Southern Dynasties 4 years (486 years) the section that weigh this world that day, lead group of official to go to Nanjing east hillock of outskirt grandson hill enters 9 days of stages, give drink chrysanthemum wine.

People is in the fruit of medicinal cornal of wine of chrysanthemum of the uprise that weigh this world, drink, admire, it is to result from a of ancient time bizarre fokelore. According to " add Qi Xie is written down " account, when the Eastern Han Dynasty, ru Na has a Huan Jing, follow cost of a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest grows a room to swim learn. A day of cost grows a room to say to Huan Jing, there was calamity in this day of your home on September 9, come home at once, want to make bag of lubricious bursa of a crimson each, the fruit of medicinal cornal is installed inside, fasten on the arm, uprise drinks, this disaster can be divided. Post scene did according to this, when putting in the home 's charge to evening, discover domestic animals die in one's boots, person all escape by sheer luck. Weigh the common of the fruit of medicinal cornal of wine of chrysanthemum of in relief uprise, drink, admire from now on, shed get round gradually. To Tang Chao, the wind of admire the fruit of medicinal cornal is filled especially, this quite much in Tang poetry depict: "Who does this meeting know next year be good at, drunk see the fruit of medicinal cornal carefully. " (Du Fu) " that is gotten more get on the hair, learn him junior insert the fruit of medicinal cornal. " (Zhu Fang) " it is a stranger in foreign land alone, on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away. , yao knows brotherly uprise to be in, insert the fruit of medicinal cornal little one person. " (Wang Wei) .

Song Renle weighs line of Changyong of in relief party at be in. Huang Zhou Po is faced greatly before having a year of Yu Chongyang red-letter day, witness autumn come scenery, it is beautiful line, carry a pen willingly, when him Gang Yong goes out: "Topic of the town weighs this world nearly " when, urge suddenly hire a person to arrive, very feel disappointed, leave this one only sentence. Later someone else in succession accordingly add poem, does Nanjing have Han? W and Fang Yue two people also part of add. Han? W poem is: "Topic of the town weighs this world nearly, go up alone Wu Shan sees great river. Old eye is dim-sighted forget far and near, zhuang Xinxuan break holds the post of a Tibet. All along open look is promoted for chant, it is to be in Qiu Guang to add up to heartbroken. Today if make,person of ancient literary writings is, be involved in of dusk current reputation is vast " . Fang Shi says: "Topic of the town weighs this world nearly, city base whose home chrysanthemum fizzles out oneself? It is Changjiang Delta parting place, cold smoke blows wild goose not to embark on a journey. Cold smoke blows wild goose not to embark on a journey..
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