Name of Nanjing city gate changes

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City gate of “ city gate a few measure are expensive? 36 measure are expensive. Ride Bai Ma, take a knife, go to meet with below city gate. The Dou Yin when ” does not know the Nanjing person childhood of how many generation crosses this paragraph of Tong Yao. Actually, speak of the city gate of Nanjing, early the Nanjing person of a few generation can break finger to give “ for your number in 13, outside 18 ” . Folk passes city gate name writes the jingle that string together and becomes: Jin Chuanyi of “ god plan phoenix door, huai Yuanqing is cool to Shi Cheng. 3 Shan Jubao connects aid, big fierce rising sun decides peace and tranquility. ”

Nanjing's existent city gate, main only then build Yu Ming to take the place of, open city gate 13, connect with be linked together of the ave inside city, street freely interweaves, primary and secondary is trenchant, neat and tidy has. The strong defense system that city gate and city made this city and convenience traffic network. Zhu Yuanzhang discovers Ming Dynasty emperor east the palace Forbidden City of outskirt is too close from Zhong Shan, defend to the military affairs adverse, give orders to use again then should the loess grave mountain of periphery of city of weather government office, the build by laying bricks or stones that use a brick the city wall outside one part, opened 18 city gate early or late.

These city gate arrange hour hand northwest from southeast ordinal be: Sunny door (today Zhongshan door) , open door (today brilliance door) , the door that understand benefit, get together treasure door (today China door) , 3 hill door (today water on the west the door) , stone city gate (today Chinese in a bit south Chinese, this is the 13 ” in the “ that often says. The 18 ” outside “ point to the city gate of inner and outer city walls, the east has kylin door, red-crowned crane door, Yao Fang the door, avalokitesvara door, Foningmen, go up the door of yuan of door, dark blue wave, Gao Qiao door, upper part door, door that place hillock, phoenix stage door, size Andemen, size domesticate. Add monarch grass again later in quiet day field door, plump and smooth-skinned door of the door, river scooping up, fierce decides the door, Chinese in the door, emancipatory door is waited a moment. And the city gate that Ming Dynasty place opens is put only today get together treasure (China door) , Shi Cheng (today Chinese in the door a bit the Hanximen south) , divine plan (today peaceful door) , cool and refreshing 4.

Come more than 600 years, inside city gate produced very big change. Begin from clear minor details, as the amplification of the city zone and the need that traffic admits, land add add added 11 city gate, they are: Opened careless field door 1908; Left 1909 plump and smooth-skinned the door; Opened sea hill door 1913; Opened fierce to decide the door 1929; Left 1931 Chinese in the door, central door, small north door; Left 1934 new civilian door; Opened rain to spend the door 1935; Opened emancipatory door 1952; Opened collect to celebrate the door 1992. Such, add original inside 13, became inside 24, in fact, through old changes, some already not answer exist, famous do not have the door. As to city gate name, often also have alter. For example: 3 hill door changes water on the west the door; Stone city gate changes Daximen, Hanximen; Cool and refreshing door changes clear river door; The door that decide the Huaihe River changes far door of the Huaihe River; Zhong Fu door says again small east the door; Jinchuanmen says again 3 civilian door; An emergency door ever weighed free door. Altering most is 1928, changed 7. In April 1927, nanjing of Kuomintang government choose a site for the capital, somebody thinks old city gate name shoulds not tendency of the day, appear personally by the government then, give orders to change the name of 7 doors. Change sunny door to be Zhongshan door namely; Change appearance phoenix door to be the door in promoting; Door of hill changing the sea (1913 new-blown) it is door of river scooping up; Door of plan changing a mind is peaceful door; Change plump and smooth-skinned the door (1909 new-blown) for Xuan Wu door; Change get together treasure door is China door; Gai Hongwu door (Yuan Zhengyang door) for brilliance door. Such, among the 13 ” inside “ , connect aid door to did not mend his ways only, withhold up to now.
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