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Han Daidian book " tribute of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty " cent whole nation is a poetic name of China, nanjing belongs to Yangzhou district. Why to weigh Yangzhou? " date of advance books and periodicals " say: “ thinks the gas impetuous of Changjiang Delta is strong, faint sex light raise. Much water of Yi Yuezhou bound, shui Boyang also. ” calls Yangzhou so. Before Sui Mo, a lot of history or monograph call Nanjing Yangzhou, because the Yangzhou city at that time treats a few degrees of cause that are established in Nanjing,this is.

Evening of the Western Zhou Dynasty, royal be on the wane, vassal contend for hegemony. BC 495 years, difference is in Wu Wangfu today the hill after Nanjing city Chao Tianguan creates smelt metal wall, cast enginery. City of alleged smelt metal, be not town city actually, it is the surrounds wall having land “ with a larger scale only ” of 100 jobs lane. Seductively dressed or made up according to Shan Zhu at that time, toward the hill after heavenly palace so the “ that be called seductivelies dressed or made up hill ” or ” of hill of city of “ smelt metal.

BC 472 years, jump over fortification of Ling Fanli of king Gou Jian nowadays outside Nanjing China door (the) in Gu Changqian, this is to be in Nanjing to build a the earliest city, history say “ jumps over city ” . Because fortification project is managed by Fan Li, reason calls “ Fan Li city ” again. The Gou Jian that jump over labour is growing a thousand li here builds a wall, because here situation is advantageous,be. Here relief is higher, north overlooks river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, na Yiyu spends a stage. The Yangtse River accuses on the west. Accordingly, jump over labour to be built here jump over a city, regard aggression as one of base area of Hunan country with it. Jump over a city very small, city week has “ only ” of 2 lis of 80 paces, be equivalent to 942 meters of present, cover an area of an area to have 60 thousand much square metre only, it is the earliest Gu Cheng that Nanjing area has exact time to be able to be taken an examination of. Accordingly, the history of Nanjing city calculates from the build that jumps over a city commonly case.

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