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Zhongshan hill

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Hill of ancient hill weighing gold, zhijinshan shares the mountain peak with 3 paratactic things. Height of north of the highest peak in a mountain range, the others is day fort hill and Mao Shan respectively, famous Zhongshan hill is located hereat. Zhongshan hill depends on hill and build, sit south the Northern Dynasties, , hill of Xi Linming filial piety, east temple of adjoin clever cereal, hillock hill front row, protective screen hind stands erect, of great momentum, grand and grand. The coffin of great revolutionary forerunner Mr Sun Zhongshan is content with this at was being acted according to on June 1, 1929. Graveyard overall situation shows pattern of form of " of " alarm bell, among them the building that hall of hold a memorial ceremony for is copy palace type, build have 3 arched door, on lintel quarter have " nation, civil rights, the people's livelihood " horizontal forehead. Marble of Mr Sun Zhongshan is placed to sit inside hall of hold a memorial ceremony for picture, on the wall quarter have write in one's own hand of Mr Sun Zhongshan " found a state outline " full text.

Zhongshan hill from 1926 spring begin construction, to 1929 Xia Jiancheng. Area in all 80 thousand more than square metre. Main building has: Hall of booth of door of memorial archway, path leading to a grave, hill, tablet, hold a memorial ceremony for and coffin chamber. Look downward from inside sky, zhongshan hill makes the same score those who lie to go up in green blanket like " free bell " . Bronze of gentleman of the Zhongshan below hill is the fastigium of the bell, half moon square is Zhong Ding circular arc, and the arched roof of mausoleum top coffin chamber supports, with respect to the pendulum hammer of smooth like circle. At that time, preparatory place collects the bury thing of Mr Sun Zhongshan extensively mausoleum devises plan. Result, architect Lv Yan designs continuously " free bell " type design has the honor to win an award. Lv Yan still is invited to be mausoleum total architect continuously. This group of buildings, be in model body combination, colour is applied, on data show and detail processing, obtain very good result, tonal and harmonious, thereby more enhanced solemn mood. Mausoleum entry point has lofty granitic memorial archway, there is Zhongshan gentleman write in one's own hand on " humanitarian " two gold word. Begin to go up from memorial archway the hall that amount to hold a memorial ceremony for, share stone rank 392 class, 8 platform. Step uses Suzhou granite build by laying bricks or stones is become. Here is the hall of hold a memorial ceremony for of copy palace type. On the lintel of hall of hold a memorial ceremony for quarter have Sun Zhongshan write in one's own hand " healthy atmosphere of heaven and earth " 4 words. There is Zhongshan gentleman marble to sit in hall picture, 4.6 meters tall, distinct and vivid, it is world name sculptor Paul orchid Dou Siji's classic. Resemble a thing all around the anaglyph that has deed of revolution of reflective Zhongshan gentleman. The posthumous work that thing of hall of hold a memorial ceremony for protects mural marble to cutting Zhongshan gentleman write in one's own hand " found a state outline " . There is grave door after hall 2 heavy, two front door are made with copper, doorcase criterion with black marble build by laying bricks or stones is become. There is Zhongshan gentleman write in one's own hand on " noble spirit lives forever " horizontal forehead. 2 heavy door is alone fan copper is made, the engrave on the door has " the grave of Mr Sun Zhongshan " carved stone. It is circular coffin chamber into the door, diameter 18 meters, 11 meters tall. Chief body coffin pit is in the center of, it is Zhongshan gentleman white marble lies above picture, there is the remains of Mr Sun Zhongshan below. Coffin pit is deep 5 meters, external use the ferroconcrete is sealed.
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