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Master shrine

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It is Confucian temple, the common that master shrine is Confucian temple says, it is the place of consecrate and sacred Confucius so. Only then build Yu Song, by the tribute courtyard street that is located in bank of Heibei of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty. Master shrine is Pan Chi with the river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty before temple, the stone brick wall of south bank is a screen wall facing the gate of a house, full-length 110 meters, be countrywide a screen wall facing the gate of a house most. North has multiple star booth, Sai Leting before bank temple; In heavenly body having lattice is built on axes the door, big into the door, big wait for a building into cabinet of hall, Ming Detang, honour classics; Additional temple east still have cabinet of the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. Because the times asks, confucian temple already made room of masses culture activity now. Repair master shrine is ancient 1985 building group, all round the building such as tea four, wine shop, shop also rebuilds Cheng Mingqing style, master shrine is built group by Confucian temple, learn assemble of courtyard of tribute of palace, Changjiang Delta and into, it is the elite of scene of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty. The street takes the tribute courtyard that overlooks a river to be antique travel culture business street. Press the pattern of the temple fair that forms on the history at the same time, answer built east the market, on the west the market. Small not feel like eating of the traditional food that supplies here and gust 200 kinds. Come every year at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 18, here holds master shrine lantern show, lively and special. Culture of master shrine food is of long standing and well established, can arrive with Yuan Su 6 day period, two face fill bright Qing Dynasty especially, each clique dish is fastened and fastfood contend for strange feat to get the better of, gust is provided alone. Since reforming and opening, we are right scatter civilian gust is fastfood disentomb arrange, undertake innovating on the foundation of successive and traditional characteristic, formed with " Qin Huai 8 absolutely " the Qin Huai gust that is a delegate is fastfood. Fastfood supply dry rare collocation, alternate with of element of meat or fish, folk-custom of thrust deep into the enemy forces is performed, have full-bodied place characteristic and culture atmosphere, make meal process becomes the process that general culture admires at the same time, reflected the elegant tie of food and culture, producing ages ago appeal to tourist of China and foreign countries. Gust is at present fastfood already amounted to 200 many breed, economic benefits is remarkable, become the characteristic culture of the important pillar of economy of master shrine travel and this one area. In recent years, introduced the western snack such as Kendeji, Mcdonald's in succession, withheld a few night fair are big archives, the meal new structure with match well of the Western-style food in was being formed, cheap and concomitant high school. Master shrine already became famed far and near now " cate center " . The market of cate of shrine of master of street of master shrine cate that leads charm alone builds 1997, always invest 1 . 500 million yuan, be located in the end austral master shrine, way of smooth river government office has east, lai Yanlu stops on the west. Building modelling each different, on any account is strewn at random have send, blue bricks small tile, house of slope of whitewash a wall, elegance of of primitive simplicity, as ancient as master shrine build group of be in harmony to be an organic whole. In-house establishment is top-ranking, have contemporary flavor quite. Two side are enchasing archaize granite road surface chromatic square brick, those who return the square of type of a covered corridor or walk that circle, garden, classic form is rhombic flower bed, short wear street lamp, build a sweet and elegant atmosphere. Edge street is reposing the recreation of a batch of famous meal such as guesthouse of other people of the Huaihe River of city of peace and happiness of shrine of wine shop of a small room of late fine gust, Wan Qingming a small room, Jin Lingchun, master, the Qin Dynasty, egret enterprise, assemble global cate high-quality goods. Combine cate street construction, built the king that shows 6 face culture to thank ancient house, restored black garment alley, formed new landscape division, extended range of area of master shrine scene.

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