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Presidential government office

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Hill temporarily a beautiful hall that generalissimo office is end of two rivers governor clear to just be built formerly, the as Mr Sun Zhongshan office when revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches. Here emersion Sun Zhongshan the 80 historical instants that undertake revolutionary activity here before New Year more.

Young name emperor resembles Mr Sun Zhongshan, formal name article, word De Ming, name day is new, date ease celestial being changes after, a Zhongshan firewood ever was changed when reside abroad Japan, "Zhongshan " get a name consequently. 1917, special congress is held in Guangzhou, organize military goverment of China the Republic of China, be by choose generalissimo, launch the campaign that protect a law. Reorganizationed China revolution party is Chinese Kuomintang 1919, hold the position of a premier. 1921, special congress discusses methodize China the Republic of China at Guangzhou again official government, sun Zhongshan takes office as generalissimo, raise the flag that protect a law again. 1923, sun Zhongshan builds political power the 3rd times in Guangzhou, establish supreme headquarters of Liu Haijun generalissimo, answer Ren Dayuan is handsome. Of the same age accepts the proposal of Su Ehe Chinese Communist, decision country in all two parties execute collaboration, in order to push national revolution. Held congress of whole nation of Chinese Kuomintang first time in January 1924, reorganizationed Kuomintang, reinterpret its the Three People's Principles. Autumn of of the same age, feng Yuxiang is started " Beijing coup " , sun Zhongshan on invitation on north, in all business state is. On March 12, 1925, because cancer of the liver is not treated, die at Beijing.

Road of Nanjing the Yangtse River warms 292 numbers of garden west, have a cabinet Western-style bungalow building, below the set off of greenery, fragrant grass, appear quiet all the more, dignified, dignified, elegance, great revolutionary forerunner is here Sun Zhongshan is taken office as in Nanjing temporarily the bureau site of governmental generalissimo, save cultural relic to protect an unit for Jiangsu now. On October 10, 1911, fierce Chang Xinjun is the first to rise in revolt, gained the victory of uprise, dynasty giving Qing Dynasty is regnant ring funeral bell noisy. Subsequently, revolutionary tide the situation with as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, affect quickly the whole nation, each province declares independence in succession. 45 delegates of the 17 provinces that break away from clear dynasty to proclaim recovery, move by Chinese mouth division Nanjing, build new government and governmental president person selected to wait, the problem has intense debate. On December 29, 17 provinces (every save 1 bill) the delegate is held umpire, people's expectations place puts in Sun Zhongshan 's charge, be elected with 16 tickets. Sun Zhongshan hurries to Nanjing travel-stainedly from Shanghai, on January 1, 1912 late 10 when whole, take office as formally in Nanjing temporarily generalissimo, divinely read out presidential pledge: "Capsize is full continent absolute government, consolidate China the Republic of China, conspire the people's livelihood is happy... . " at the same time, country changing name is " China the Republic of China " , with delegate Chinese, full, unconscious, time, 5 kinds of banners of Tibet are ensign, was the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of China the Republic of China 1912 on the Christian era. On January 3, election Li Yuanhong is vice president, comprised by the overall length of nine ministry, subaltern inside graph. On January 28, established senate again, regard a government as legislative. Nanjing temporarily of the government hold water, those who ended China more than 2000 years is feudal and absolute regnant, the mark is worn the birth of political power of the first bourgeois. Sun Zhongshan is held the position of temporarily the office spot of generalissimo is set in the place. After Sun Zhongshan takes office as generalissimo, arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, abolished sections of a series of feudal article elaborate and " exemple of old clear law " etc law, compasses, with the name of government of China the Republic of China, sign, promulgated " temporarily provisional constitution " the law that waits for reform of more than 30 concerned politics and social reform, code, extensive and far-reaching history effect produced on Chinese mordern history. On Feburary 12, 1912, clear Di Puyi abdicates. 14 days, sun Zhongshan offers abdication report to senate here. March, make peace of north and south comes to Nanjing on a special trip on behalf of Tang Shaoyi, as consultative as Sun Zhongshan temporarily the government reorganizations matters concerned. On April 1, sun Zhongshan abdicate, just be born just 91 days temporarily governmental move goes to Beijing, filch of warlord Yuan Shikai the fructification that revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches wins. Sun Zhongshan is in although this working hours is short, but be a delegate with Sun Zhongshan, the Nanjing that arises in revolution temporarily government, regard the first bourgeois as political power, opened the one page with Chinese democratic brand-new revolution, mr Sun Zhongshan is " great revolutionary forerunner " . Sun Zhongshan temporarily generalissimo bureau, a beautiful hall that is end of two rivers governor clear to just be built formerly, sit south the Northern Dynasties, the range is wide 7, there is a design essence of life among the door of type of booth form arch of 7 is fought, enter by the gate for hallway, it is garment cap room formerly, show those who displaying Sun Zhongshan to sit picture. On the right side of its 3, hold office of parlor, generalissimo and president concurrently for little assembly room respectively temporarily anteroom; Left 3 are a big assembly room, ministerial meeting and advanced stratocracy joint meeting all go in this action. Now, according to original work the person beside Sun Zhongshan is recollected, by unvarnished make model of a character recover from an illness display, gave Mr Sun Zhongshan again the 80 historical instants that undertake revolutionary activity here before New Year more. Enter meantime, mix in order to teach to later generations edificatory. Inside warm garden, return in store small building of compose of orange of a wood of 2 Chinese style, this is Mr Sun Zhongshan is held the position of in those days temporarily the living room former address during generalissimo, indoor display is austere, neat, body produced Mr Sun Zhongshan great revolutionary mind and " the world is fair " thought state.
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