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Rain spends a stage

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Rain spends a stage to be outside door of China of Jiangsu Nanjing city, be make an appointment with 100 meters high, long about 3, 000 meters of much hillock. East because Wu Shi teems with multicoloured cobble on hillock (agate stone) , call cobble hillock again. Smooth rabbi of 6 face cloud is in fokelore this sermon, touch deity, fall Hua Ruyu, because call rain beautiful stage. After liberating, 1950 build rain spends stage revolution martyr to arrive from 1927 1949, kuomintang is here reactionary clique slaughters by tens of thousands the execution ground of Communist and revolutionary person of ideals and integrity. After new China holds water, in this build cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, monument was built on the highest peak in a mountain range, built difficulty of revolutionary martyr be buried alive with the dead and martyr historical data to display a house. Come for years, cemetery of revolutionary martyrs is ceaseless extend. Built country's at present biggest revolutionary martyr be executed for championing a just cause group vulture, built corridor of stage of pioneer of square of area of the grave of martyr, red scarf, teenager, tablet to wait, rebuilt memorial hall of monument to revolutionary martyrs, martyr, formed our country at present the biggest the grandest souvenir is built group. Here imposing manner is grand, atmosphere is majestic and solemn and respectful. There is the fight achievement of revolutionary martyr in martyr memorial hall, showpiece a large number of precious martyr hangover, cultural relic, data, photograph. Protect an unit for national emphasis cultural relic now, and by name in the center of the group teach base " for adolescent of " whole nation.

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