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Ming Xiaoling

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With emperor of bright generation found a state mausoleum gives priority to Zhu Yuanzhang, existent square door of hall of way of booth having tablet, spirit, tablet, civil and military, bright building and treasure city. Build around have 10 thousand trunk of a tree garden of oriental cherry of cabinet of Mei Yuan, humanitarian, dark sweet cabinet, and the red Lou Yiwen that new building is center, marine the world, still have celebrity grave: The grave of relics of Sun Quan grave, Liao Zhongkai, He Xiangning. Area of whole situation area 1.567 million square metre, it is spring sees success beautiful ground.
Zhu Biao of cornstalk of Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang ever was stood to be prince, regrettablly not ascend the throng dies young. Zhu Yuanzhang instructs your Zhu Biao bury of Yu Xiaoling east, later ages weighs Dong Ling. All previous classics 600 years of vicissitudes of life, dong Ling already annihilation is not had hear. Cultural relic branch carried out comprehensive archaeology exploration to Dong Ling 1999, ascertain Dong Lingling stops to be in and build structure. Dong Ling is located in Xiao Lingdong to arrange 60 meters of place, subterranean bury is worn between two mausolem location of big building radical, the 5 dragon bridge before Jing Xiaoling palace flowing to the south of Cong Dongling of river of the drive that protect hill. Dong Lingling stops total position and likeness of filial piety hill, by the gate of cemetery, mausolem, front door that enjoy a hall, enjoy the building such as hall and ground palace to form, the front door that enjoy a hall and capacity of the system that enjoy a hall are baronial, with material colorful. The needle before mausolem enclosure is planar is rear, submit form of curvature of the spinal column, situation is special. Cent of way of spirit of hill of bright filial piety is two paragraphs. The first paragraph is a thing to, show a Shi Xianglu. On the way ordinal arrange insect without feet of lion, Xie, camel, elephant, kylin and Ma Liu to plant stone animal, every plant 4, two crouch coexistence, in all 24. The 2nd paragraph of north and south to, the stone column that distribute a line a pair, fierce general and article official each two pairs. Column of stone column fame, 6.52 meters tall, 6 arris form, column cap is a circle, decorative pattern of vulture cloud dragon. Xiao Lingdian says to enjoy a hall again, original structure dimensions is grandiose, cherish is destroyed at flames of war. Existent three-layer needs cover the hall over stage radical base, there is large post plinth on stage radical 56, according to the stage base the position of area and column plinth, conclude piece in those days the range that enjoy a hall is wide 9, enter deep 5, the long hill of dimensions and Beijing enjoys hall close.
Square city is an old building before treasure top, build with big stone completely, before 16.25 meters tall, hind 8.13 meters tall, the stuff is 75.26 meters long, north and south is 30.96 meters wide, bottom is beard cover. Square Chengzhengzhong has arched door one, entering the mouth from now on is a circle vaulted channel, by composition of 54 class step. Bright building is over square city, common weighs dresser, the stuff is 39.25 meters long, north and south is 19.4 meters wide, building inland face lays the ground with square brick, original duouble-eaved roof flies to horn above, fu yellow coloured glaze, modelling is luxuriant, grand and grand. Put 4 nogging wall only now.
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