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Black Wu Hu

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Park of lake of incredible connecting with the boxing skill is located in in Nanjing city, the national level beauty spot below bell foot of a hill, Changjiang Delta in lake of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of 3 names lake, it is the park inside the city with the biggest Changjiang Delta. The bright city wall of lofty, elegant 9 Mount Hua, antique crow temple encircle its are right, cover an area of a face to accumulate 472 hectare, among them surface is 368 hectare, terrestrial 104 hectare, it is the ground of the assemble of famous places and historical sites of ancient capital Nanjing, it is whole city's biggest omnibus culture recreation rests park.
Distributing in black Wu Hu have 5 oasis, form division of 5 department view. It is annulus continent, enter annulus continent, blue waves sends wave. Fine willow is supple, gentle breeze stroke comes, cloud of just like smoke rolls back and forth, reason has “ link of ” of continent smoke willow say. Among them, rockery chute all shows the beauty of Changjiang Delta gardens, among them the hangover of key link of Song Daihua stone too the “ boy that lake stone comprises does obeisance to avalokitesvara ” tourist attraction particularly grand. 2 it is cherry continent, cherry continent is in annulus continent bosom, it is all sides waterlocked continent in continent. Continent go up Zhi Ying is beautiful, early spring flower leaves, numerous Hua Shijin, person “ cherry ” of continent flower sea. 3 it is water chestnut continent, continent east be close to Zhong Shan, 1000 cloud of “ are not the bell hill rosy clouds of one shape ” , reason has “ water chestnut the good name of ” of continent hill haze. 4 for Liang Zhou, liang Zhou is 5 continent in open up the earliest, scenery most those who get the better of one continent. Annual chrysanthemum show, traditional and grand, the beauty that reason has ” of chrysanthemum of “ Liangzhou autumn praise. 5 for emerald green continent, emerald green continent scene is peaceful, having a unique style. Senior bank lies wave, green ribbon burn is circled. Pine, emerald green cypress, tender willow, henon bamboo, form “ emerald green characteristic of ” of continent cloud tree.
Black Wu Hu 5 continent between, bridge bank is interlinked, do not provide its to get the better of. Water of park of lake of incredible connecting with the boxing skill, land, empty traffic has distinguishing feature alone. There is motor boat on surface, wait from amusement a light boat, luxurious ferry; There is French type trainset on land, take comfortable, eye shot is open; There is train of annulus lake sightseeing in sky, place oneself among them, bird's eye view and admire too many beautiful things of black Wu Hu.

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