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Bao Qingyin building is one of domestic 4 big silverware shop of the most negative great reputation, build the earliest at clear Jiaqingnian, be apart from already had 200 old histories today. Period of the Republic of China, bao Qingyi is Nanjing's biggest silverware shop. The plant is built again after new China holds water, restored in September 1984 " Bao Qingyin building " the name. The Bao Qing now, be historical experience accumulate, of conventional technology esoteric the combinative put oneself in another's position that innovates ceaselessly with modern; It is the professional plant that light the Ministry of Works in feudal China and head office of Chinese people bank order headgear of bullion of the export inside production surely; It is a country 2 stage business, Jiangsu saves advanced company, also be the dimensions in course of study of countrywide person of the same trade one of manufacturer with the wholest class of breed of the biggest, product.

Treasure celebrates a technology advanced, detect the method is all ready; The product contains Troy to be all the time decimally hind 3 " 9 " , it is the product avoiding check with domestic not much number, main product is in appraise through comparison of quality of course of study of countrywide person of the same trade all the time be among the best of candidates, a lot of absolutely vivid products become abroad traveling trader sell a product only. Showily and beautiful and the Bao Qing product of guileless elegance is adding flowery color for modern life.

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