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Nanjing Zhang Xiaoquan knife cuts Zhou Mingzheng of registered office author, zhejiang saves person of Hangzhou desolate hill, it is Hangzhou what Zhao Shankang opens " the crane is written down " the apprentice that Zhang Xiaoquan knife cuts store. Because he agrees,grind be apt to is managed, be taken a fancy to by the boss, and with its Xu Zhi of female Zhao Yaqin is wife. Zhou Mingzheng 1926 oneself do poineering work, business development is very rapid, develop at beginning Nanjing 1926, inn was set formally to name in Nanjing 1933 " writing down " Zhang Xiaoquan knife cuts store. The place is in road of peace and tranquility (white) leaving a way. This is the predecessor that Nanjing Zhang Xiaoquan knife cuts store, also be Nanjing's earliest one Pan Zhang Xiaoquan knife cuts store. Year of turnover at that time can amount to 6000 silver dollar.

1937 Nanjing of Japanese army bomb, shop room is destroyed, zhou Mingzheng goes to inn change build Kang Lu 90 do business, till by 1992, transform because of old city again, show change to come build Kang Lu 34 do business.

When bazaar holds water in the center of 1935, zhou Mingzheng opened Zhang Xiaoquan in this bazaar namely " writing down " inn of the 2nd Pan. After war of resistance against aggression wins the bazaar central answer course of study, zhou Mingzheng's couple opens new smooth knife to cut hardware store at bazaar of new in November 1947 centrally, by wife Zhao elegant musical instrument is managed. Management breed develops size hardware, building tool, of its breed, of quality fortunately Nanjing should count the first. This is Nanjing the bazaar central the 5 predecessor that join a department.

Nanjing still has 6 Zhang Xiaoquan at that time " X is written down " scissors inn, because of managing not to be pooh-poohed shut in succession. Dan Zhouming however one branch alone beautiful, business flourishing. His management characteristic is to insist to choose makings is careful, fastidious of charge for the making of sth. , management is rigorous, sell goods executes 3 packets, after selling, free generation grinds a service. Divide inside inn advocate battalion knife is cut outside still hold battalion gardens tool concurrently, tonsorial tool, the Nanjing total distribute that still is the famous brand product such as gas lamp of card of SamSung card slide fastener, brilliance at the same time (Zhou Mingzheng also is its partner) . The shop becomes Su Wan to head the firm of quite famous gas at that time.

Nanjing Zhang Xiaoquan knife cuts registered office store hang inside hall have clipper of a sample, have 1. 3 meters tall, weigh 37 kilograms. Zhou Mingzheng is in Hangzhou to make it at period of war of resistance against aggression, pensile all the time in build Kang Lu sample is made inside inn hall, zhou Mingzheng inspects for the cherished tradition in inn, gold-lettered signboard. Allegedly such clipper did 3 only at that time. One is in Hangzhou, one is in Shanghai, during Culture Revolution these two scissors are treated as to seal endowment repaired thing gives destroyed. Scissors of this Nanjing sample, always select to the old worker arrowroot in inn at that time (Zhou Mingzheng's student) the same night tears open it come down to hide in the ability on small attic escape by the skin of one's teeth. Now this clipper coruscate gives its due luster. Innocent and lively child is transient inn doorway, see this scissors loudly expiration " good gracious! So big scissors! " it is country's at present biggest scissors, can call the whole nation most.
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