Golden hill exorcise evil spirits

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In numerous Nanjing special local product, can reflect image of 6 government ancient capital most, be one honour magical and martial carved stone -- exorcise evil spirits. Exorcise evil spirits is the divine animal of archaic town grave, be like kylin and do not have horn, two side have an ala, flesh abundant character is strong. Carved stone of exorcise evil spirits of the Southern Dynasties is most famous, the involuntary discharge of urine that the exorcise evil spirits of Nanjing is the Southern Dynasties more very is put, the figure that serves as Nanjing is the exorcise evil spirits with evil dispel of calamity of fierce town of Jiao Han power.

Nanjing citizen also is to exorcise evil spirits favour has add, especially jade carving does not have end exorcise evil spirits, be inspected by people those who defend money is indicative. In the home in a lot of Nanjing people or in the car, can place an exorcise evil spirits press down calamity dispel evil.

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