Nanjing Yun Jin

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Weaver art tastes the jacquard weave silk that Nanjing Yun Jin is Nanjing tradition. Its use makings fastidious, weaver is careful, design colour elegance richly, the magnificent like pink clouds of just like sky, friend says " Yun Jin " . The Sichuan of the Song Jin of it and Suzhou, Sichuan bright and beautiful eponymous, call our country 3 names bright and beautiful.

The history that Nanjing Yun Jinsheng produces, the earliest but period of restrospect to the Three Kingdoms, day of craft of the brocade when Ming Dynasty attain mature and perfect, form the local characteristic of brocade of Nanjing silk jacquard weave. Clear generation is set in Nanjing " arrange of Jiang Ning weaving " , be in fashion for a period of weaving of cloud bright and beautiful, the Yun Jin breed of this one period is various, design is grave, colour is flowery, represented the top achievement of craft of Nanjing Yun Jin weaving. The Yun Jin that produces nowadays does high-grade clothing fabrics to reach except exit outside offerring dress of minority dress, show, developed breed of new design and color again, be like the daily expense handicraft such as rug of table of cloud bright and beautiful, cushion for leaning on, bedcover, handbag, waistcoat, cravat, hanging panel.

Nanjing Yun Jin is a kind of jacquard weave silk handicraft, nanjing craft " Bao Yi " head, with Sichuan Song Jin of Sichuan bright and beautiful, Suzhou and praise for " 3 names bright and beautiful " , with quality of a material solid, decorative pattern is simple and honest and beautiful, colour rich and gaudy is characteristic, use golden line in great quantities, form resplendent and magnificent distinctive color. Yun Jin laid palace serve as a tool only in the past, outside doing the garment to act the role of except minority now, still export abroad to do high-grade clothing fabrics. Nanjing Yun Jin, match colors amounts to 18 kinds, apply 撋 螖 layer upon layer roll out advocate flower, richly elegance.

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