Nanjing bloodstone

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Nanjing bloodstone teems with Yuyu to spend and other places of stage, chrysanthemum stage. According to research, classy bloodstone is a kind of agate. When emperor of fierce of bridge of the Southern Dynasties of according to legend, dignitary cloud smooth rabbi is in cobble hillock sermon, touch so that God falls if rain is spent. Hua Yu becomes the countless big egg that be like chicken namely into the ground, small be like horsebean, colorful gravel, bloodstone gets a name from this, cobble hillock is incognito also rain spends a stage.

Rain spends stage place to produce bloodstone, it is to pass running water to remove action and all sorts of gravel that grind a circle, bases is quartz the hard rock such as qualitative cliff of sandstone, quartzite, silicon, igneous rock and quartz, chalcedony, opal a kind mineral. Former without bright-coloured color and burnish; Latter namely the chemical composition such as quartz, chalcedony is 2 oxidation silicon. Common color has white, milky white, small yellow. Also have red, violet, green, rose, black. Still one kind comprises the agate of shape of homocentric shape, cricoid, stain by different color stripe.

Magnificent of a few rare bloodstone is clinking, hazy transparent in be like have water flea of rosy clouds of mountains and rivers-land, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, phantom immortal, return Youneizhong design form is the same as a pig 8 give up, Sun Wu is empty, more common people recognition. People constant bloodstone " raise " in water jar, desk display, as the content that view and admire. The civilian actor of Nanjing still makes bloodstone carve all sorts of artwork, natural and artificial close for an organic whole.

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