Nanjing brine duck

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Briny duck is Nanjing's famous special local product, long rich great reputation, already had more than 1000 years of histories up to now. Nanjing brine duck all can be made all the year round, souse answer bittern period short, do now sell now, buy now eat now, should not be long Tibet.

Plain boiled pork of this duck skin is tender, fat and not be bored with, sweet delicacy is delicious, have sweet, crisp, tender characteristic. Annual the briny duck lubricious flavour of around is optimal mid-autumn, season is made, day of friend good name: Sweet-scented osmanthus duck.

" white door cookbook " account: Jin Ling in August period, briny duck is the famousest, everybody thinks to there is sweet-scented osmanthus inside the flesh sweet also. “ of sweet-scented osmanthus duck is clear and aim, long feed ” of not tire of, it is beautiful of go with wine is tasted. The guest in on holidays or ferial home, go into the street go buying duck of a bowl of brine, already became Nanjing's lay ceremony it seems that.

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