The Eastern Jin dynasty is famous of calligrapher king Xi

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Of Wang Xi (321-379, make 303-361) word escape little. The Eastern Jin dynasty is famous calligrapher. Lang Ya Linyi (today Shandong Linyi) person. Secretary an ancient official title assumes first, successor is feudal provincial or prefectural governor of state of Ning Yuan's general, river, right army inside check of general, meeting history wait, world lord is right army. Hind be on bad terms because of be being narrated with king of Yangzhou feudal provincial or prefectural governor, demit officer is resident shade of meeting check hill (today carry on promotes) . The Wang Jia with celebrated alley of garment of Yu Jiankang black of one's previous experience, it is Wang Dao's brother's son. Ever entered smelt metal town in all with Xie An, "Carefree daydream, have the keep in mind of tall world. " one's early years Cong Weifu's person (melt) learn calligraphy, change begin to learn later, cursive learn Zhang Zhi, the book learns bell dip is. Rich is collected numerous long, equipment energy all body, change since Han Wei plain book wind, beauty of original creation beautiful flows new system, his book, running hand is Gu Jinzhi coronal, person assist its pen situation " if,wave cloud drift, correct is like Jing dragon. " place of the person that learn calligraphy for past dynasties advocates, be acted according to to be " book emperor " . Its work authentic work is not had put, be handed down from ancient times person all be later generations copy. Running hand with " Lan Ting foreword " for masterpiece, cursive with " look first post " , " seventeen post " , book with " Huang Ting classics " , " Le Yi is talked " the famousest.

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