Famous politician thanks the Eastern Jin dynasty how

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Xie An (320- - 385) word installs stone. The Eastern Jin dynasty is famous politician. Old county in relief summer (today Henan too health) person. When adolescent, it is regard highly of place of Wang Dao of chancellery of the Eastern Jin dynasty. Meeting check lives in seclusion first (today carry on promotes) , do not wish to be an official. Ever the city mounting smelt metal with Wang Xi, "Carefree daydream, have the annals " of tall world. Imperial court and local feudal official recruit him to come out for many times be an official, be rejected. Till many years old 40, just take up the post of proof on the west imperatorial post lukewarm minister. Have successively held the posts of serve fall forward of medium, a high official in ancient China is shot, in protect army, fast ride the duty such as the general, till manage apprentice. The palm holds military power later post lukewarm, because of Si Mayu of Jian Wendi of hold a memorial ceremony for, yu Jiankang of old a large number of forces' suburban Xin Ting, the purpose takes the chance to capture purple. Because thank installed quick-witted aplomb, make post lukewarm ambition fails to come true. Post lukewarm after dying, xie An holds the post of prime minister to lead Yangzhou feudal provincial or prefectural governor. Too yuan 8 years (383) , xie An is go on a punitive expedition imperatorial, manage stratocracy major issue, assume personal command east hill is villatic, xie Shi, Xie Xuan leads army of government office of 80 thousand north, suffer a defeat so-called of 1 million main forces before firm army of Fu of the Qin Dynasty, this is ancient time on warlike history with be being gotten the better of less much " the battle of water of the name of a river in Anhui Province " , this one battle protected political power of the Eastern Jin dynasty. Then brandish army northern expedition, recover bridge, department, green, Yan, Xu, comfort 6 cities lost territory. During Xie An is in office, to building health Gong Cheng undertook large-scale extend, build it have size hall for 3, 500 " establish health officer " . Be in again build hill of earth of Kang Na outskirt (say today east hill) , build luxurious villa. Manage as a result of meeting check king Ma Daozi dictatorship, xie An is elbowed out, an Ling giving a garrison post (today Yangzhou) , yu Jing dies of illness after, bury is in build Kang Meigang (today cobble ridge) .

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