The Southern Dynasties is famous of scientist Zu Chong

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Of Zu Chong (429- - 500) word article is far. The Southern Dynasties is famous scientist. Fan Yang (today Heibei Lai water) person. Have successively held the posts of south Xuzhou is engaged in history, public government office joins the army county of the county that reach a surname makes, Wei of long water school (beefeater Beijing city building health lifeguard officer) wait for duty. He is perfectness music, dabble scholar learns ancient codes and records. There is many sided success on science especially, contrived relatively accurate calendar " big bright all previous " , replace He Chengtian " Yuan Jia all previous " , improving an intercalary month precession of setting, application and beg piece " nodical month " (the moon is successive time is needed between two classics ecliptic and moon's path crossing) the respect such as day number made contribution. He uses simple chip tool, on the world first time operation gives circumferential rate numerical value to be in 3.1415926 with 3.14l5927: Between. Its mathematics book " compose art " , still be labelled till Tang Dynasty schoolbook. He still has made many very address machine. Qi Yongming 6 years (488) , he falls in Fu boat hill " Le Youyuan " in, device exquisite water-powered trip-hammer is ground; Contrive the boat of a thousand li that uses mechanical move, in Xin Tingjiang shakedown, day goes more than lis 100. Still had transformed archaic an ancient Chinese vehicle with a wooden figure always pointing to the south.

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