Sun Quan

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Sun Quan (182- - 252) Word intermediate is sought. The found person of Wu Guo of the Three Kingdoms. Wu Jun Fu Chun (today Zhejiang Fu Yang) person, last years of a dynasty or reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty, sun Quan accedes career of father and elder brothers, according to having Jiang Dongliu county. The Eastern Han Dynasty is built install 13 years (208) , combine Liu Bei, use fire attack, in the battle that is in world-famous Chibi, defeat utterly Cao holds army, established east Wu Li country foundation. The Eastern Han Dynasty is built install 16 years (211) , sun Quan comes to political center from Beijing mouth change hay hill, changed hay hill second year to build line of business, in hill of stone of location of reason of city of hill of Hunan country gold, build stone wall. Warehouse of stone storehouse, stone is established inside the city, wait for goods and materials with deposit armament, commissariat. In beacon tower of the place austral stone wall, for martial town of military importance. Yellow dragon the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (229) in April, sun Quan weighs the Supreme Being in Wu Chang, dynasty title. Of the same age in September, move the capital to another place builds line of business, this is the beginning of Nanjing found a capital. Sun Quan is in build course of study to rebuild “ too palace ”· Guan Zhou grows 500 a unit of length first. Build the wall that build line of business a true archaic city, city week 20 lis of 19 paces. Sun Quan is in Jiang Cheng, li water, lake is ripe wait for a county to set allusion farming Dou Wei to manage agriculture. The clique stations troops 30 thousand, be in a Rong Zhiyun is in relief (today Dan Yang county) cut a canal of a ’’ of “ broken ridge showing disrespect or contempt, communicated Qin Huai river and too the come-and-go of lake catchment. Carry leaves to show disrespect or contempt in southwest of the city that build line of business, certain again east canal (Qing Xi) , open wet channel, make two sides of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty becomes commercial prosperity area. There are on 1000 to be engaged in silk lady-in-waiting in Sun Wu palace, this is Nanjing silk course of study is germinant. Southwest smelt metal city, it is smelt and cast center. Sun Quan takes nautical career seriously to develop, fleet of Ceng Pamo's person sails to exterminate city (Taiwan) , distant east island of peninsula, Hainan; Send emissary to sail to Gao Li again (Korea) , help up south (Kampuchea) , Lin Yi (Vietnam is mid) with each country of southern Asia archipelago. Return build —— of temple of the first Buddha builds Changjiang Delta first temple. The Christian era 252 years, sun Quan dies of illness, bury thes foot of a hill or mountain south Yu Zhongshan, later renown ridge of Wu Dadi hill, Sun Ling, Wu Wang is graveyard (today) of renown wintersweet hill.

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