The Eastern Jin dynasty is crackajack of painter Gu Kai

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Of Gu Kai (345- - 406) The word is long health, head of small character tiger. The Eastern Jin dynasty is crackajack painter. Jin Ling does not have stannum (today Jiangsu does not have stannum) person. Ceng Weihuan is lukewarm of can of the intermediate that reach abundant join the army, successor comes loose ride constant serve. Be versed in the poem is drawn, calligraphy of arrogate to oneself, blame essence of life is painterly. Division is defended at great artist assist, carry considers choice small, close interest of calligraphy or drawing is continuous, be like spring silkworm spin, painterly subject matter is extensive, character holding arrogate to oneself concurrently, effigies, landscape, birds and beasts. Promote peace 2 years (364) , of Gu Kai be in build Kang Cheng southwest to cover with tiles Guan Si makes mural, draw Wei Maji resembles, the picture gives “ Qing Dynasty to win the ” that show difficulty, “ concealed bearing of a few ” forgetting talk, glow, resounding temporarily. Have “ just absolutely, picture absolutely, crazy absolutely of ” say. Be handed down from ancient times has by picture works " by the picture " , " Wei Jinsheng sheds picture assist " and " draw Yun Taishan to write down " , among them “ change thinks clever ” , “ with form the argument such as the ” that keep a mind, the development impact of the traditional Chinese painting in be opposite is very big. Paint is put " female Shi Zhen pursues " , " ode of god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces pursues " Tang Ren copy. The street visitting a building of Nanjing of according to legend is the place that its live in those days and draws.

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