Chen Tai one

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Institute of project of communication of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is former assistant dean, advisoryChen Tai oneProfessor, was elected in December 1997 for academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Chen Tai one, unripe 1921, jiangsu appropriate starts a person. Was graduated from department of physics of Guangxi university maths 1944, in telecommunications research of Shanghai traffic university graduation obtained master's degree in July 1946. Currently hold the post ofministry of communication of the headquarters of the General Staff committee member of committee of science and technology, learning committee, communication of university of university of Shanghai traffic university, national defence science and technology, Shanxi university, Beijing post and telecommunications, Wuhan directs professor of academic part-time job, information theory of Chinese Electronic Society, communication learns the job such as chapter vice director. The education that pursues national defence communication for a long time, scientific research and leader work. He manages system of communication of cable of sea of carrier wave of multichannel of the coaxial in designing generation Sunday run of our country, lead and participate tunnel communication and the research of the antenna that bury the ground, achievement applies extensively at project of national defence communication. The academician such as he and Wang Dahang proved the overall program of satellite of red ” of east of the first “ of our country together. He advocates in home development number programmed control is exchanged the earliest, the design finished switching equipment of programmed control of type of the first number of our country. Lead and participate in project of foundation of 4 countries science, all obtain very good positive result. He is our country inchoate one of experts that are engaged in information theory studies and applying, participate in establish first our country strategics Master degree program, participate in fostered my army first outside army the Master is unripe.

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