The Southern Dynasties is famous materialistic philosopher Fan Zhen

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Fan Zhen (about 450- - make an appointment with 510) word child true. Famous materialistic philosopher mixes the Southern Dynasties between neat, bridge atheistic. South countryside dance shade (today Henan secrete in relief northwest) person. Father dies early, family circumstances ofs low station, from the person that learn Yu Mingxue Liu is caught when the youth, art of rich stimulate the menstrual flow, "Property is straight, brilliant views of good danger character " , not Wei influential officials. Give Shi Qi, bridge early or late, viceregal, advance installs Ren Yi the man in hall of viceregal, a high official in ancient China, a high official in ancient China Zun Chengdeng duty, be on for a long time build health. He holds to " atheistic " , the buddhism that is the same as be current had acerb accuse and denounce at a meeting. Qi Yongming 7 years (489) , in Xiao Ziliang of king of hill of the contest other coop hill on the west mansion, reach with Xiao Ziliang, Xiao Yan abbe people have great debate, late watch is famous " the god destroys theory " . He from " god namely form also, form namely god also, be with form put a god, god of form Xie Ze destroys " proposition sets out, the mutual depend on sb or sth for existence that proves body and spirit concerns, interest of He Feng of knife of no less than is same, do not have without the knife sharp, body is nonexistent, spirit is rootless, cannot exist alone. Alleged person dead mind is eternal, annulus 迴 reincarnation, the view such as punitive justice is absurd. Xiao Ziliang with curule canvass the point of view that Fan Zhen changes him, be rejected by Yan Ci. Day watch 6 years (507) , develop of desolate of bridge fierce emperor is eliminate " the god destroys theory " influence, bring 62 Chao Guihe into play abbe, draw up 75 articles are refuted, fan Zhen still is not place to bend, wrote " answer Cao She's person " wait for a paper, disclosed buddhism to hamper from people of the bondage on spirit and materially manufacturing harm. Composing much comfort, existent " the god destroys theory " and " answer Cao She's person " , maintain presence " great bright collect " in.

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